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Thread: Monsterous Dragon + Teleport

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    Monsterous Dragon + Teleport

    So my friends and I have been experimenting with some Polymorph/Teleporting decks. But, I ran into an issue with a Blue eyes global and Teleport that I wanted to ask for some ruling on.

    So heres an exaple:
    I used the Blue eyes global to KO my Obelisk during the Main step. Attacked with a few Tsarina. After the Tsarinas effects resolve and blockers are assigned I would teleport in the Obelisk.

    So I guess here is my question. Had that Obelisk moved from KO to Prep to make the teleporting possible, between the Main and attack step?

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    Great Question!

    Rulebook AOU:
    Characters that were KO’d (by damage from an attacker, damage from
    a blocker, or some other effect during the Assign Damage Step) are
    sent to the Prep Area

    Remember that the Cleanup step is after the Attack Step, i never had this question at my local scene because no one has the Teleport-BAC.

    But i guess in your case it is not possible, because Obelisk is int the KO-Zone and not in the Prep-Area until moved there in the Cleanup-Step.

    Edit: So i am not so sure if this also counts for the Mainstep. Someone else some information from WKids?

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    Yeah, this little facet of the game has been lying in wait ready to sneak up unawares for some time.

    It has not been explicitly confirmed, by the rules team, but there are a couple of Hulk rulings that seem to contradict one another unless this is indeed how KO works.

    In fact I think it is one tiny remnant of the original Transit/Out Of Play rules to have survived the original rules editor.

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