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Thread: Mam do you have WereRat for me? - Board Game Breakfast

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    Mam do you have a WereRat for me? - Board Game Breakfast

    Here is what i found at the end of the newest Board Game Breakfast # 85: Being Silly Video on BGG/Youtube from the DICE TOWER

    Skip to 35:03 to find "THE DISCRIMINATING GAMER" and his really entertaining Clip for Dice Masters

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    "You don't play Dice Masters, Dice Masters plays you!"

    Truer words have never been said

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    I'm worried I might scratch the walls, I've got such a huge grin on my face.

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    But he's right, wenn you walk home and think about the next team energy curve or something like this, things can get out of hand!
    But i am not worried, because I AM BATMAN! <.<

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    I feel dirty suddenly, At least I gave up drinking. Right?

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