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    Thanks for a great analysis of your play and recent experiences. I jumped back into gaming after losing my sister-in-law to cancer and it was hard to explain, but it was something I needed. I was fighting pretend demons in D&D to make up for the battles I couldn't win here on Earth Prime. Along the way I made lots of good friends in a fun hobby full of generous spirits. It has been mentioned for over a year now, but this game has attracted, for the most part, people with great attitudes who are fun to play with and want to help you have the best experience you can have playing a game with some random luck to it.
    Podcasts have helped me as well. I listen to some of them twice, usually in the car, wishing that I could be taking notes. TRP has a great stable of podcasts, including the Prep Area with @RJRETRO and @Shadowmeld - I always listen to that one twice. I liked the first 6 or 7 Dice Anon podcasts - they leveled up my game as well. Find the "Who's the Beatdown?" TRP podcast if you haven't heard that one yet.
    Don't let losing get you down. Let losing be a lesson that teaches you what you did wrong, what your opponent did well, and where the dice just wouldn't roll your way. Use that to improve your play, incorporate new strategies that you see (life is a resource that can send your opponent's dice to Used), and accept the swing of the dice - play enough games and they will swing your way about half of the time.
    After a loss, if there is time and your opponent is nice, ask him/her, "How could I have played this team better?" "Is there a card I didn't bring that would work better with this team?" They might have a suggestion for you. As you get better, you'll be answering those questions for other players.
    I am sorry for your loss. I'm glad that gaming can be part of the peace that you will find.

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    First off, I am sorry for your loss. My Father passed two years ago and you are doing better than I did. Also I think your head is in the game more now. and I appreciate the advice.

    So Thank You.

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    What a wonderful blog post, and some great comments here as well. Thanks for sharing, and I sincerely hope things are going well for you otherwise.

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    My thanks for the good wishes. Things are about what you'd expect--grieving is really weird, and I'm just trying to accept what comes with it. Jevansfp, I'm sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law, and totally get what you are saying. That was very much my experience. Having the chance to get back into my favorite game was a welcome dose of "normal" after a few weeks of turmoil. I think that falls into Aristotle's notion of katharsis, where winning and losing in the game allows us to raise and process strong emotions. It's ultimately a healing thing. And I will check out the podcasts for sure.

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    Amazing post. I hope your family is at peace and your father as well.

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