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Thread: Maria Hill Trained Agent - Clear and Draw

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    Maria Hill Trained Agent - Clear and Draw

    We came across this today, and there are two questions about Maria Hill Trained Agent.

    Her card reads: The first time you draw Maria Hill in a turn, you may roll a different [Shield] character from your Used Pile and place it in your Reserve Pool.

    (1) Do you have to have one Maria Hill already active in the field in order to trigger this effect when you draw another Maria Hill die? Or is this something that can happen just from having the card on your team?
    (2) If you pull a Maria Hill die as one of the last from your bag during the clear & draw step, do you trigger the effect before refilling your bag from your used pile? Or do you refill your bag, finish the draw, and then have nothing to roll for the effect?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Well, for the first part, the default is that a character needs to be active for its ability to be in effect, unless the card specifies otherwise.

    As such, Maria needs to be active so that if you draw another Maria, then her ability will work.

    Having said that, this may not be the intent. Like the SR Thanos, Maria may need a ruling to make her ability work as intended. Until that ruling though, I would play her like any other character. Needs to be active to invoke the ability.

    As for (2), you would finish your 4 dice draw first, as the rules mention finishing one effect before starting the next. Currently you are executing your "draw 4", and until you finish that, you wouldn't start any other abilities.

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    I can only think of 2 characters with abilities that work when they are not active, and she's not one of them.

    I don't think that drawing counts as an effect though - I think she resolves instantly, then you would take damage and get a generic energy for each die short of completing the initial draw of 4.

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    Per the rulebook:

    Draw four dice from your bag. If your bag has fewer than four dice, draw all of them, then place all the dice from your Used Pile into the bag, shake the bag well, and continue drawing until you have drawn four dice in total. Sometimes, cards or abilities will make you draw more dice: draw those additional dice now. Place all dice drawn into your Prep Area.

    If, after refilling the bag, you are only able to draw four dice or fewer, lose one life and gain one generic energy for each die below four that you drew.
    I feel like that wording only allows for any roll and reroll step effects to occur after you have drawn your initial four-or-fewer dice.

    Put another way: if your bag has four or more dice in it, you'd be drawing four dice simultaneously. If Maria happens to be one of those four dice, you activate her ability.

    If your bag has fewer than four dice in it, you should view your used pile as an extension of the bag. Draw four dice "simultaneously", whatever's remaining in the bag and then the remainder from the refilled bag, then if Maria is one of those dice, you activate her ability.

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    Swarm and Red Tornado interrupt the draw step, I don't see why Maria Couldn't as well.

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    Thanks for all of this feedback. The players were in the middle of a casual game when they asked for a ruling on the redraw. That's when I also thought about her needing to be active. Given that it was casual, they continued playing as they started which was that there didn't need to be a character die in the field to trigger the ability. I ruled the draw had to be completed and was planning on clarifying for tonight's rainbow draft that Maria Hill had to be active to trigger the effect (like Swarm) as well. I still feel good about requiring the draw to be completed before triggering any effects, so thank you for the reinforcement there. Swarm and Red Tornado don't necessarily interrupt the draw, do they?You can absolutely trigger the abilities after drawing the 4 dice, and in fact you have to for Red Tornado. At least all of that is where I stand now barring a ruling. So I guess this is a good enough question to submit to WK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    Swarm and Red Tornado interrupt the draw step, I don't see why Maria Couldn't as well.
    I don't think they interrupt the draw step, they are just abilities that occur in the draw step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crambaza View Post
    I don't think they interrupt the draw step, they are just abilities that occur in the draw step.
    Right. I've never interpreted Swarm or Tornado as proc'ing the moment their requirements are met by dice count. I don't draw dice one by one and then for each Kobold drawn draw an extra die. I pull my four, look and see that there are two Kobolds (or what have you), then draw two additional dice. If either of them are a Kobold, draw another. And so on.

    Swarm and Tornado can interrupt each other but not that initial draw from the bag that kicks off the R&R step.

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