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Thread: Undead Theme Build:

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    Undead Theme Build:

    So first the team:
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    Basic Actions:
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    My thoughts for the cards:

    Morphing Jar - Canopic Jar: A 1 cost mask die to buy vampires and mummies, pretty simple.

    Vampire: When she damages a character I gain life and draw, not only this, but I also get to spin their engaged characters down.

    Mummy: When fielded all characters are spun down. He also carries the energy drain, spinning down characters engaged with him.

    Vibe: His ability is what I want. Spinning down characters results in inflicting 2 damage, which goes nice with Vampire, Mummy, and polymorph.

    Goblin Attack Force: His global forces a character to block, making Mummy and Vampire make contact with enemy characters to trigger their ability.

    Magic Helmet: Characters equipped with magic helmet have to be blocked by at least 2. Using Goblin's global to force someone to block makes the enemy have to choose an additional character to block with, meaning 2 will be spun down instead of one.

    Magneto - Zombie: I honestly couldn't help adding in a Zombie version of Magneto because simply... he's a zombie! But his effect is nice as it stops things like Gobby, Constantine, Psylocke, Swarm abilities, ect..

    Zombie: He's a shield energy, which can go towards Magneto. He also re-rolls himself when KO'd in battle, giving him a chance at longer field presence.

    Polymorph: Simple, spinning things up and down to trigger Vibe further.

    Transfer Power: Most of the undead characters have low attack but decent defense. I thought it would be nice to switch that around with an opponents character, making my monsters harder to get rid of in battle as well as using the boosted attack to get rid of threats by forcing battles with Goblin Attack Squad.

    Also considering:
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    The mummy only spins down adventurers when fielded (characters with the experience mechanic). Try Green Dragon - Master Dragon or Marvel Girl - Telekinetic instead.

    Yes, go with that Pepper Potts, she's going on my spin team as well.

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    Ah, I misunderstood that then. I was thinking adventurer was a translate into character, thanks for correcting me. That avoids a lot of possible future mistakes, lol.

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    I don't know why,but I always thought that the mummy was female. ...

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