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Thread: W: extended art cards

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    W: extended art cards

    I can't really make any of the big events to get the EA cards, so I thought I'd try here. I mainly want the Harley, but I'm interested in the others including the Age of Ultron collectors box one.
    I have a stack of about 40 rares from all six sets, as well as some AvX prizes and 5 or 6 super rares to trade. I'm sure I'll have something your interested in.

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    If you list what stuff you have, I know a friend who is interested in trading his EA (or full art, depending on how you like to say it) Professor X. He won a spare in a contest and has no use for it, but he's looking for Age of Ultron Super rares. (Captain Universe, Electro, Groot, Red Skull & Magneto are the cards he's missing)

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    I need the Black Cat super rare and have the AoU Captain America.

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    **List Updated 7-24***
    Full Art/Extended Art
    Black Widow, Captain America, Cable
    Super Rare
    Obelisk, Zombie Red Skull, Gladiator and Electro
    Halfling Thief, Drow Assassin,
    Magneto, Cyclops, Colossus, Phoenix Force
    Super Rare
    Mr Fantastic
    Baby Dragon, La Jinn, Black Luster Soldier, Jinzo, Harpie Lady, Blade Knight, Lord of D, Kuriboh, Obelisk, Dark Magician
    Owlbear, Kobold, Umber Hulk, Minotaur, Wererat, Dwarf Cleric, Magic Helmet, Orc, Purple Worm, Elf Wizard
    Iron Man, Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch, She Hulk, Sentinel, Cable, Magik, Toad, Apocalypse, Mystique, Red hulk, Storm, Psylocke, Sabertooth, Vision, X-23
    Lex Luthor, Lantern Power Ring, Cheetah, the Atom, Captain Cold, Batarang, Vibe, Black Canary, Aquaman, Black Manta, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Firestorm, Sinestro, Katana, Shazaam!, Vixen, Constantine, Hawkman,
    Kang, Odin, Loki's Scepter, Moondragon, Hyperion
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    I have a spare Thousand Dragon SR, do you have any spare AvX Rares?

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    My AvX got cleared out recently, this list is everything I have

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    Any interest in full art Cap for SR Catwoman?

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    That's a bit uneven, thank you though.

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    Not that I need to justify myself, but I use lowest BIN on eBay to determine value. I've done this several times on trades here. Based on that, the value skews in your favor, not mine. I respect you not making a deal, but I've tried to develop a reputation as a square trader on here and I didn't want to leave that allegation unanswered.

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    Not an allegation at all, just not even to me, trading is always subjective. I certainly didn't mean to say anything negative about you.

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    The red dragon might be spoken for already, I'll pm you if not

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    What is your personal valuation of the AvX OP cards (Cyclops & Colossus)? Those are the two you have I'm most interested in.

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    Updated my list

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