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Thread: Unlimited - 08/01 - The Wizard's Chest - Denver CO

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    Unlimited - 08/01 - The Wizard's Chest - Denver CO

    I'm excited for this upcoming tournament and cannot wait to see how the Age of Ultron impacts the meta.
    Come down to the Wizard's Chest and have some fun!

    Saturday August 1st: 3:30pm - Constructed format any card, any set, no limits.

    Prizes will be from the DC Trinity War kit #3. This will be a track 3 event.

    The Wizard's Chest
    230 Fillmore St
    Denver, CO 80206
    (303) 321-4304

    This is a Standard Constructed event NOT a Rainbow Draft. Members of your team can be of any rarity from any available set with no exclusions. Prizes will be from the Trinity War OP kit #3. Event points earned from this event count toward the grand prize available at the end of month five.

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    Seriously this is going to be a super great Tournament. The people at wizards chest are really great, wonderful store and the Dice Masters crew is encouraging and supportive. The competition is going to be fierce because everyone looks forward to a full mixed tournament. This is going to be a great tourney to end off the summer!

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