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    Help understand: Running OP Events


    I am new event organizer and I want to make sure that I am running things right. So if you would please offer some suggestions on how I can run events to grow my player base.

    Our store just got Trinity War 3, and we are looking to run events for it. However since it is Ultron Release people are wanting to play that.

    Question: Is it typical to play OP's for OP cards that aren't in the set you are drafting? ie... We draft AoU, but play for Trinity War.

    Question: What are the official run lengths of a single OP release like TW3? We currently have 1 DM night a week for OP, and want to get an idea of how many weeks we should run the OP till determining a winner. Is there a minimum set from Wizkids? What are you suggestions for the "sweet spot" of not too short nor too long that we lose players etc?

    Thank you for your time, and comments.

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    Normally a kit like the Trinty War is intended for just a single event. If you continue with the storyline, the month 5 kit will come with a grand prize. There will be a sheet in your month 3 kit explaining how to total points for that grand prize.
    Wizkids recommends certain formats for certain events, but it's really up to you. I say do whatever works, if your players want to play Age of Ultron and you have the TW prizes, go for it. If we've got several kits we'll try to match kits to formats, but not always.
    There are kits that come with 10 prize cards and 20 participation prizes, and you can easily get several events out of those.

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    How do I become an organizer? Do I have to own and run a shop? I'd like to hold events independent of my LGS and offer promos, if that's possible.

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    We get the kits in and we follow normal prizing structure, but we still have plenty of older OP cards lying around, so if someone wants an old UXM participation instead of a new trinity war participation card, I'm happy to give it to them. The recommended formats however, half and half play get very expensive, so we have $5 buy in tourney's where every entrant is guaranteed at 1 one OP card (participation) and 1 sealed pack, with the rest of the entry money being split among the top players for the evening in the form of extra packs. Example, 8 person tournament, top 4 receive extra prizes.

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    See, at the shop I play at most often, it's $5 for constructed, you get a participation card, first second and fellowship get prize cards, and then you get a pack for each win that night. Go 4-0, you paid $5 and got a participation prize and 4 packs. It's a nice way to have people walk away with something, even if they're 2-2. In fact one night I was 1-3, opened my pack and got a SR. Best loss ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitallimit View Post
    How do I become an organizer? Do I have to own and run a shop? I'd like to hold events independent of my LGS and offer promos, if that's possible.
    I think you have to be set up in their system as a store or venue, and I believe they have to approve it somehow. Then your judges/volunteers send you requests to be volunteers at your venue, and you approve them. I honestly don't know if you can be set up as a venue if you're a guy who organizes games at the local YMCA or something. I would think there would be an allowance for that kinda thing.
    Go to and click event system issues at the bottom, and just send them a question about getting set up the way you are.

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    I would highl suggest this podcast that was recently done for some great tips on your local scene building:

    By far, make sure to stay consistent and keep it fun no matter how you put it together. Remember that right now, "typical" is however we decide it to be this early in the game-find what works and what keeps them coming back and do that well. Good luck!

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