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Thread: Have Magneto SR or Red Skull SR to Trade for SR Groot

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    Have Magneto SR , Thanos SR, and Red Skull SR to Trade for SR Groot

    feel free to PM me or
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    Do you have any completed trade references on here? If not, are you willing to do a deal where you send first and I ship after receipt of your card?

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    I do not.. I do have an ebay account odin55 as a reference. I also have a BGG account runatyr.
    I am also happy to call and speak or google hangouts and show you the cards

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    I'll happily do the deal (for Magneto) with one caveat. You mail and send me a tracking number. Then I mail (the same day I get the number) and send you a tracking number. Does that sound good? I will leave feedback the day I receive the card.

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    I'll get to the post office at lunch! Thanks for the trade!!!

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