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Thread: Cross-Play Terms

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    Cross-Play Terms

    How does cross-play between universes work...

    Are characters like Captain America and Batman considered adventuerers?

    Can they be equipped with gear?

    Are sidekicks and NPC's equivalent? (ie. My opponent is playing from a marvel set and I have a crawler that KO's an NPC when fielded does it hit his sidekicks?)

    How do monsters from the yugio set work? Are all heroes/dragons considered monsters, I know YGO monster is not the same as D&D monster right?

    IS Vibrainum shield considered an action (for Red dragon cost reduction?), is magic helmet?

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    Here is a list of equivalent language used across the different Dice Masters properties:

    1) Sidekick = NPC
    2) Character (Comics) = Monster (Yu-Gi-Oh!) = Creature (D&D)
    3) Villain (Marvel) = Villain (DC) [Despite having a different icon]
    4) Monsters for D&D purposes are different from Monsters for Yu-Gi-Oh! purposes. D&D Monsters are characters with the Monster banner in the upper left corner.
    Captain America and Batman are not adventurers.
    They cannot be equipped with gear.
    Sidekicks and NPCs are equivalent.
    Yu-Gi-Oh Monster equals character.
    Vibranium Shield is an action.

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    Thanks guys so it sounds like Obelisk the Tormentor super rare will still force my opponent playing marvel heroes to pay 1 life to summon a monster (hero).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zigjar View Post
    Do villains from dc and marvel benefit from teamwork / teamwatch across editions? joker and thanos for instance? I would think no, but that chart makes me wonder.
    This part is one I know to be true. Marvel villains can also trigger UC Black Manta's retaliation.

    I expect to see a lot of Thanous Villain team-up builds with AOU out now.

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    Currently "Villain" is the only affiliation that spans different IPs.

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