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Thread: Patch, Giant Man, Wolverine Oh My!

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    Patch, Giant Man, Wolverine Oh My!

    So I was inspired by some things I have heard from different members of the TRP network and came up with this fun team. I know that it is not a tier 1 team, but I have had a lot of fun with it and would love to have feedback on things people would change. I decided on Giant Man and wolverine because the team hits hard no matter people decide to block or not block my characters. I think that having ultra drone and relentless may not always be a good combo on the same team, though I put relentless there incase I don't want them to use there other characters on the feel to double block my people. I thank you all in advance for the feed back.;3x29aou

    2 dice

    Wonder Man R - 4 dice

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Argonaut -2 dice

    Black Widow: Spy - 3 dice

    Ultron Drone: 01000100 01101001 0110010 - 3 dice

    Captain America: Man Out of Time - 2 dice

    3 dice

    1 die

    Hulk Out: Basic Action Card

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    Why not just use the Cheaper to buy. You're attacking alone in the end. Using relentless and Hell Carrier.

    And why relentless when you want them to block? Just use and to pump up Wolverine.

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    I don't have him. I included TBTI incase I played against a control deck that kept me from fielding or buying one of my win conditions.

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    I have an extra Formerly Weapon Ten. I suggest to have some specific spot removal. Like

    Stick to one deck idea. You're using the idea making them block but at the same time wanting Wolverine to get through unblocked. If its blocked go with Cone of Cold, Kobolds and Hulk out/Anger Issues.

    If its to go unblocked, use Fomerly Weapon 10 and to use to ramp and relentless/swords of revealing light.
    If its with Giant Man in the Team definitely have Polymorph in.

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