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Thread: Spider-Woman, Pheromones life gain timing

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    Spider-Woman, Pheromones life gain timing

    My opponent has 20 life. She has Spider-Woman, Pheromones in play. She plays an Avengers character and KOs SWP. This KOs three of my Justice League dice with my Batman, World's Greatest Detective also active.

    Does she gain her 3 life first, which she can't gain because she's already at max life, and then lose 3 from Batman's retaliation? Or, is this a case where, as the active player, she can choose the order of actions?

    Would it make a difference if she had less than 20 life?

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    Seeing as I've stumped the experts (or asked a question too simple to answer?), I'll spur on the discussion myself.

    I think since it's her turn, her actions would resolve first and the life gain from SWP would kick in and fizzle since she's at full life, the BWGD would pop her for the life loss.

    At 18 or 19 life, if KOing 3 JL dice, she would gain 1 or 2 life (up to 20) and then lose 3 from Batman, and end up losing more than she gained.

    At 17 life or less, the gain/loss would offset.

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    Card text:
    Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Spider-Woman, you may KO her to KO all opposing fielded character dice with a fielding cost of 0. Gain 1 life for each character die KOd this way.
    If you consider the KOing and the Life Gain as one effect, then you would completely resolve that effect before moving on to the next one (the Retaliation effect). The life gain would be wasted at 20.

    If the KO, the Life Gain, and the Retaliation are all different effects, then once you do the KO it triggers both of the others, and active player gets to choose order. They choose retaliation first and then life gain to stay at 20.

    My personal interpretation is that the KO and Life Gain are part of the same effect, but I can see the other side of the argument.

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    I think things would resolve like this:
    1) She KOs herself and the opponent's characters
    2) She gains the life
    3) Batman retaliates

    So, if the active player has 20 life, then no life gain happens. Then Retaliation kicks in.

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    And just to point out a fundamental misconception of the rules here. The active player doesn't just choose between all effects to see which will go first, their effects will always be first. Then can only choose between THEIR effects, to see which goes first. All their effects will go before the inactive player's though.

    "• Timing Conflicts
    If there is a conflict of timing (e.g., both players want to use an ability
    simultaneously), the person whose turn it is always resolves their
    effects first
    . If simultaneous effects are controlled by the same player,
    that player chooses the order of those effects."

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    There aren't even simultaneous effects here.

    Effect 1 (SWP KO'd to KO three JL dice and gain three life) resolves in it's entirety first, then effect 2 (Retaliation) triggers, in response to part of effect 1, and resolves, afterwards, separately.

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