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Thread: Jocsta FireBall and Captain America Super Soldier

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    Jocsta FireBall and Captain America Super Soldier

    Ok here is the next fun Jocasta question.

    Attacking Player has 3 Jocasta SR's in the field, Defender has Captain America: Super Soilder (While active, prevent all but 1 damage to you from any action or character abilities.) the attacker also roles a fireball on None star face. So Does the attacker Take 2 damage, and the defender take one damage because all damage comes from the fireball, or does the redirect of damage mean that the defender takes 4 damage one point per Jocasta and the one from the fireball. I am think that it is 1 point as all the damage is done by the fireball.

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    Hey guys am I playing this right? I really would like to know.

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    Well, i would say... *grin* ok warning, this post is not serious..!!

    Fireball 2 -> 1 Dmg You CapAm, 2-> Jocasta x 3 -> 2/2/2 -> 3 You CapAm = 4 Damage

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    Redirection does not change the source, nor nature, of the effect.

    So, I think, if WizKids choose to be consistent with the way multiple 'packets' of damage from a single source are handled, then CapA will reduce the total damage dealt to the player that controls him to 1.

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    Sorry I could not give you a more definite answer, @Vapedaveb .

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