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Thread: Article: Streaming from Gencon, Part 1, "What's So Hard?"

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    @Ken, we are so excited to have you there!

    I would like to stress JUST how much Ken has been working to make this a THING! We started communication nearly two months ago and the emails have been both lengthy and frequent. We wanted to ensure that we, the tournament organizers, are doing everything we can to support this calibration. We have discussed virtually every last dynamic of how this will go down from our group's table layout to the aesthetics of Dice Masters streaming.

    I would like to also point out to the masses that groups that provide recording for various collectible card games will typically drive in a van to events. What Ken is trying to do for The Reserve Pool is a whole is beyond amazing!

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    Thanks everyone. I should also note that @TheDoubleBursts DID offer us extra table space for equipment during their events. As they said, we've had lots of good discussions back and forth. They've been a great sounding board for ideas and if something is in their power to grant (e.g., a dedicated feature table with extra space), they've been totally accommodating. Class act all the way! It is just that I have to plan for the more challenging situation of no extra table space during the WizKids events and the possibility that we will have to hop tables sometimes. That's totally understandable too given how WK has to run those events at GC.

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    Hey guys

    Have you looked at the raspberry Pi as a wireless camera?

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    @Bestia , thanks for the suggestion. Yes, actually I have thought about that. I have a Raspberry PI 2 with the camera module and did do some testing. It turns out the the camera we're using (Logitech C920) has a higher quality video video than the RPi one. However, for "version 2" of this setup, I would like to replace the small laptop computer we're using as the brains of this setup with a two Raspberry Pi's instead. One would capture the video from the 3-4 cameras and the second would composite/encode that video, sending it to the streaming server.

    We'll have to wait a bit before we can do that though. The software is just starting to catch up and make use of the RPi's on-board H264 video encoder. Without being able to tap into that, the RPi just doesn't have enough horsepower. Whenever we do switch, I'd actually like to switch the main playmat camera over to being the older Logitech C910 which has an even sharper image than the C920.

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    Would love to see a write up so I can do something like for our Western Australian regionals next year

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    @Bestia , at this point, you have likely hit a bit of a dead-end finding information about streaming of collectible games. In all honesty, in the past two months of speaking with @Ken , I have not found any how-to's by people who actually do it.

    From my own experience, I recommend learn the basics of streaming and post-event uploading. There is a lot more to it than hit record and upload (at least, if you expect people to watch it.) I learned a lot during the months I was playing the Pokemon video game competitively. From streaming on Twitch via OBS to making overlays in Photoshop, there is always room to grow.

    In the end, I am sure @Ken will agree that your budget will be your primary limitation to streaming event.
    @Ken , the older Logitech are know for having better sensor technology in them. So, no surprise there!

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    Overlays - I know how to create - I have done a number of them for people streaming X-Wing (my other game)

    But I am interested in the Raspberry Pi being used as camera hubs that interests me

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