I would like to hold a community discussion about the Vassal Module and Vassal Draft Module on Tuesday July 28th at 9PM EST / 8PM CST / 6PM PST. I will start up Vassal and create a Chat Room. My goal is to build a road-map of features and extensions for the rest of the year, based on what is discussed. I am going to list the topics I will be bringing up and encourage people to post ideas and other topics here:

WarGFN's Topics:
  • Combining Draft with the Regular Module, Why and Why not to do it
  • Extensions, Previews, Set projections, War of Light, Amazing Spider-man, TMNT
  • Little Cup Format Rules in Help
  • Constructed Format Rules in Help
  • Sentinels Solo Play
  • Dice Masters Super HD Edition
  • Octgn / Cockatrice / LackeyCCG Ports