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Thread: Friendly Vassal Players

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    Friendly Vassal Players

    List a player here if you played someone friendly and helpful on Vassal help the community grow.

    Today I played Dylan, it was my first game on Vassal against not myself.

    He was very helpful at teaching me where buttons were when I got lost etc etc.

    Thanks Dylan!

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    Dylan, Shadowmeld, Necromanticer are my personal favourites. <3.

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    I have been on a few times
    Maybe it is because I am here in An straka but I don't see anyone on
    Apart from once - where I spoke to @Necromanticer about my list

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    I have been on before, but not in a while due to a 2 year old who likes to stay up late.

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    I want to write down here
    Moshe, Juan and the guys above too.

    And something about Moshe, man this guy seems to be a genius in my opinion and have really crazy teams and he is laughing about everything that happens with a positivity never saw so far. Always friendly all the guys and love to play with them again from time to time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    Dylan, Shadowmeld, Necromanticer are my personal favourites. <3.
    Feeling like chopped liver...

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Feeling like chopped liver...
    Well I promise to sing your praises once we have had a chance to play

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    Chopped liver is gross. @IsaacBV is not gross. Therefore, Isaac is not chopped liver.

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    Haha Thanks. I do enjoy the vassal games also. Everyone who gets on is great

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    I played my first Vassal game last night and Juan (I can't remember his last name, sorry. Starts with an "H"?) was very patient, a good sport, friendly and happy to give me pointers with Vassal. I'll be back. Thanks.

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    Man, I need to play on Vassal more. No Draft Module updates, until I get home that is.

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