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Thread: AoU Demo/Teaching teams

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    AoU Demo/Teaching teams

    I'm working on building a local DM community and want to be ready to help new players learn the game. My plan is to set aside time before the regular events (e.g. draft) for teaching the game and generally being available to help out new players or other people interested in the game.

    First of all, how much time do you think is appropriate for this?

    Second, I'd like to have some ready made teams to use for teaching the game and for newbies to pilot in their first matches. My current parameters are currently:

    1. Nothing too complex
    2. Demonstrate some synergies within each team
    3. Be roughly balanced against each other
    4. All Age Of Ultron [unless the event is going to be another recent set]. I'd like to work with cards they are likely to see if they stick around and try out the draft and/or if they decide to buy into the game w/ latest set.
    5. Avoid duplicating characters across teams; this is negotiable, and mostly a practical issue, since the cards and dice will all come from my own collection, and I'd like to keep everything to my current collection and just bring the collectors box for dice. I'd also like each team to have a distinct flavor/theme. I should be set complete (excluding SRs, I'm currently 4/8) by the time this runs.
    6. Be playable in a reasonable amount of time; this is tough, since so far in my experience AoU tends to go to walled up stalemates.

    Right now I've made 4 teams of 8 characters, but I'll probably cut this down to 6 characters and do 15 life games.

    I'm about to build these up in Vassal and try to run them against each other, but I thought I'd throw out the first cut and ask for any suggestions. Remember, the goal isn't necessarily super efficiency, but balance, avoid stalemates and DM teaching moments:

    [Can't wait for AoU colon codes...]
    * indicates card is dropped from 6 card version of team

    A) Avengers
    3M Black Widow - Cold Warrior [only blocked by sidekicks]
    *3B Wasp - Founding Avenger [deals 1 damage for opponent's global]
    3S Wonder Man - Simon Williams [+1/+1 and Avenger when under 11 life] <= need low cost Avenger shield for big guys!
    4M Giant Man - Original Avenger [Spins up when another character KOs]
    4F Spider-Woman - Pheromones [KO to KO weenies]
    5S Captain Marvel - Human/Kree Hybrid [Spins up characters on combat damage]
    *5S Hyperion - Eternal [Teamwatch 2 damage to villain]
    7S Hulk - Big Green Bruiser [Overcrush, spin down and return if unblocked]
    2 Hulk Out - BAC [Overcrush, maybe +1A]
    4 Coordinated Strike - BAC [3 damage + 3 damage teamwork]
    Synergies: Spider-Woman clears weenies for Black Widow, Captain Marvel spins Giant Man and Hulk up (keeping Hulk in field).
    Concerns: May want to move Coordinated Strike onto different team that needs the DD more than this one does.

    B) Villains
    2F Ultron Drone - 0100...0101 [Capture blocking die]
    3B Vision - Phasing [+2A when blocked by non-villain]
    4F Red Skull - Johann Schmidt [+/- 2 life when KO'd]
    *4M Kang - The Conqueror [additional reroll]
    *5B Loki - Loki Laufeyson [1 ping targeted Prismatic Spray]
    5B Jocasta - Wife of Ultron [prep 1 die on damage]
    6F Ultron - New World Order [3 damage on capture]
    7M Thanos - Courting Death [5M under 11 life]
    2 Surpise Attack - BAC [1 or 2 to character]
    4 Nasty Plot - BAC [prep 2]
    Synergies: Ultron and Ultron Drone, forcing blockers
    Concerns: Win condition not clear. I'm considering swapping in SR Jocasta for DD win.

    C) Guardians, mostly
    *2B Pepper Potts - CEO of Stark Industries [spin down 2]
    3B Rocket Raccoon - "Blam..." [+2A w/ buddy]
    3F Gamora - Assassin [KO on damage]
    4S Groot - Protector [-1 damage to Guardians]
    *4B Iron Man - Invincible [+2A or +3A on attack]
    4F Star-Lord - Element Gun [-1 cost for Guardians] <<== misprint as 4S
    4M Starhawk - Precognitive [teamwatch +2A when fielded]
    5S Moondragon - Dragon of the Moon [roll Avenger or Guardian from used when KO'd]
    3 Ready to Rocket - BAC [Teamwork +2A]
    4 The Oppression Begins - BAC [KO (maybe to used) all 0 FC]
    Synergies: aggressive Guardians rush
    Concerns: ?

    D) SHIELD and random leftover, except for Bucky who just
    2S Phil Coulson - Inspirational Leader [+A to agents and SKs]
    2B SHIELD Agent - Level 6 Access [+1/+1 to another agent when fielded]
    *2F Beast - Bouncing Blue Beast [+2 life if KO'd attacking]
    3S Maria Hill - Director of SHIELD [add S characters to roll]
    3M Daredevil - Man Without Fear [+2/+2 if opposing M]
    *4B Baron Zemo - Master of Evil [+2A each action die]
    5S Thor - Not Who You Expected? [Vanilla]
    7S Odin - Gungnir [essentially unblockable, possibly Thor too]
    4 Call Them Out! - BAC [target must block]
    4 Nasty Plot - BAC [prep 2]
    Synergies - cheep weenie rush/wall yields to Thor/Odin bomb FTW
    Concerns - wants a better in-set BAC than Call Them Out! but not sure what actually helps and doesn't hurt this team

    If anyone wants to playtest these against me on Vassal, I'd be thankful.

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    A 4- Card team with 15 Points is also possible for a small Demo Game.
    You can also stick to the normal Starter Set for Characters.
    Should be done in 30 Minutes with explaining.

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    My first concern would to make a game that is only 10 point in life. First set aside the card effects. Let them learn about the first 5 steps which
    1. Drawing Dice
    2. Letting them pick what the want to keep
    3. Buying Dice
    4. Fielding dice
    5. Priority for the other player
    6. The battle step
    7. Repeat till the games finished

    The complex parts should be left for later. Let them learn the steps then the full proper game.

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    My DnD Demo teams
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    My UXM Demo Teams
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