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Thread: Looking for Chase Zombies - LOTS to trade.

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    Looking for Chase Zombies - LOTS to trade.

    I need the full art Electro chases. (Trades completed for the other 2) I have a Tsarina and Slifer SR to trade, plus what's below (all rares unless indicated otherwise). Let's make a deal I have successful trades on Reddit if anyone needs references.

    Baron Zemo Colossus Black Panther Aquaman x3 Baby Dragon
    Beast x2 Dr. Doom Captain America x3 Batarang Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Bucky x2 Gambit Emma Frost x2 Black Canary x3 Curse of the Dragon
    Daredevil x2 Nick Fury Iron Man Black Manta Gaia the Fierce Knight
    Enchantress x2 Phoenix Pyro x2 Catwoman Harpie Lady
    Gamora Rogue Sabretooth x2 Cheetah x2 Jinzo x2
    Giant Man War Machine Scarlet Witch Cyborg Man-Eater Bug
    Hyperion x3 Mjolnir Spider-Man x2 Deadman Mystical Elf
    Kang x2 Rally (OP) Vision Firestorm Sangan
    Loki x2 Takedown (OP) x2 X-23 The Flash (Unc) Summoned Skull
    Loki's Sceptor Teleport (OP) Green Lantern Thousand Dragon x2
    Maria Hill x2 Harley Quinn Time Wizard
    Moon Dragon x2 Black Widow - Tsarina (SR) Hawkman x2
    Nick Fury Katana Slifer the Sky Dragon (SR)
    Odin x2 Lantern Power Ring
    Pepper Potts x2 Lex Luthor
    Phil Coulson Robin x2
    Red Skull x2 Shazam
    Rocket Racoon Sinestro
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier Solomon Grundy x2
    Spider-Woman x2 Star Girl
    Starhawk Vibe x2
    Starlord x2 Vixen
    Ultron Drone x2 Pandora's Box (OP) x3
    Wonder Man x3 Constantine (OP)
    Wonder Woman (OP)
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