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Thread: Paying it forward

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    Paying it forward

    I wanted to start a thread to celebrate times when you were able to help this wonderful community to grow.

    I was on Vassal tonight and was able to help a new person to vassal figure out how the platform worked. We played a very relaxed game, where I hope they felt no pressure on having to get everything right. I was able to answer basic questions, plug TRPN, (which they already knew about,) and have a good time. It reminded me of my first time on vassal and feeling a little lost and not sure how to proceed. I was able to take this person through the basics of how to set up a team and the controls for the game.

    I think I had more fun helping another person out, than playing the game. The reason behind this was I knew that I would now have one more person that I might run across on vassal to play. The more people playing the more fun we can all have.

    Post here if you want to share you experience for paying it forward.

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    Excellent Job on teaching Vassal to someone new.

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    That's awesome.

    I like trying to help people, and I'm in a similar boat, Jar. I've asked for so much help since I started playing so I feel I have to pay it forward. I hope the folks I help are doing the same thing.

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