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Thread: Justice League Build

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    Justice League Build

    Here's my deck for tomorrow's constructed:

    Shazam! Trinity War (TW6)
    Assemble! (AoU025)

    (Those last two don't seem to be in the codes.)

    Aquaman x4
    Zatanna x3
    Flash x4
    Wonder Woman x3
    Batman x3
    Green Lantern x2
    Shazam! x1

    Shazam could stay or go for another GL die. I just really like the character.

    Get Aquaman and Wonder Woman out early for discounts on purchase and fielding costs. Zatanna for dice in prep area. Flash for early damage. Batman/GL for retaliation, plus Batman's life gaining ability. Assemble to move dice in. Teamwork to set up large scale attacks or early opponent board clearing. It plays well at home against my wife and two boys. I fear in a competitive environment it will be too slow.

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    From experience, that Flash won't help you without a significant amount of removal. I might suggest the uncommon Cyborg instead. Same cost, better attack, and you can swing into your opponent's board to clear out some characters pretty reliably. If you don't attack with him, he still gives you another retaliation tool.

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    If possible i would change Flash for
    Robin: Circus Star Robin is unblockable while your Batman is active.
    Combines wonderful, same costs and lower fieding costs.

    Also maybe bring in a Constantine: Con Artist

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    Cyborg for Flash sounds like a good switch.

    Robin and Constintine would break up the JL theme, but I agree those are good cards.

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    If you do plan on using the Flash why not use speedster? Considering your using that BAC.

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    That is one of the 5 cards (including 2 SRs) that I'm missing from the set.

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    Ahhh. I got lucky with mine. Made a deck specifically around him. Ol Flex combo.

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    Swapping in Cyborg for Flash really helped the deck. I'll post a tourney report when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    its a DC team.
    Is that a joke or are you serious?

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    this is a nice team to use.... if u know anyone who is just starting to play the game then this is a great team.

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    I had a brain fart and exhausted from play all day. Tourney plus more games after

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helimechks View Post
    Why are you only running 7 heroes?
    By the book, you play up to 8 cards. So 7 is allowed.

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    also how much cards will you use in a real match? 5 cards i think, and rest is globals.... or second option. But i guess thats for another thread, but i like your JL team !!!!

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