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Thread: The Destination in Louisville, KY - 7/25/15 - D&D OP 1 Rainbow Draft

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    The Destination in Louisville, KY - 7/25/15 - D&D OP 1 Rainbow Draft


    Today The Destination in Louisville, KY held their first D&D Rainbow Draft. We had eight players, so we drafted in two pods of four.
    Here is my team:
    x3 x2 x4 x2
    x1 x3 x2 x1

    I had an extremely successful draft. My first pack of six didn't really hold too many exciting options, so I went with a rare Elf Wizard. I started picking up other adventurers, and noticed a pattern of good characters being passed up in favor of dragons and gnarly beasts. I drafted a common Unicorn, so started working that angle. In the second pack of six, however, I was passed the rare Unicorn. I had no choice but to grab it. I was able to draft two Gelatinous Cubes, but opted to go with a "Good + Gear = Great" team instead with the only beast I planned on fielding - the Unicorn.

    Unfortunately, once again we did not do team sheets. I believe that the games are fresh enough to do them justice, however. We played four rounds of swiss, with each round being one game with a thirty minute time limit.

    My first game was against Logan. He brought a couple of big beasts: the common Dracolich and Tarrasque. Since we both had Resurrection, he was able to use the global multiple times and save up to purchase the Dracolich on turn 3. He fielded it on the following turn and began using its Breath Weapon. Luckily, I had the Treant's global. I was able to use my Wizards to arm my Half-Orcs with helmets and swords. Once Unicorn came onto the field, I overwhelmed him with a rush of goody-two-shoes and won the game.

    My next game was against Steve. His main offense was the common Invisible Stalker (unblockable when attacking alone). He quickly purchased both of his Stalkers and started laying into me. I was able to return fire a couple of times, but it soon looked like it was all over but the crying. I was down to three life, and was checking out the door prizes that were available for the OP. He fielded a level 2 Stalker and looked ready to attack on his next turn to finish me off. I had purchased a Fireball earlier in the game, and drew it. I rolled the double burst face and dealt three damage to EVERYONE. Everyone but me, again using the Treant's Global. Once I wiped his board (except for that Stalker), I was able to use my helmeted, sword-wielding, and Unicorn buffed Half-Orcs and Wizards to take him to zero.

    My third game was versus Thomas. Thomas is a newer player, and this was his first draft. He drafted well, and was the only other undefeated player at this point in the event. Thomas was in the other pod, and had been able to draft a very comparable team to mine... with one difference: Thomas had drafted a Copper Dragon. His dragon was able to un-equip my gear and caused multiple issues for my team. The game went to the time limit, so we played 5 more turns.

    On his final turn (turn 4), we were still at almost full life (his 19 to my 17). I had built a wall of Half-Orcs and Wizards (again), while he had the Copper Dragon and a few other mid-sized creatures. He opted to try to put the game out of reach, and attacked with his entire force. After some quick math, I saw that I would be able to swing for the full 19 damage. I let all of his creatures through, opening his field and allowing me to attack and win.

    My final game was against Mark. He is another player who played in his first draft today, however he is a veteran of D&D Dice Masters constructed games. Mark built a slick team around Carrion Crawler and the Uncommon Drow Assassin. His Drow was unable to be blocked by Adventurers, and that was essentially my entire team. He was able to start off with a Half-Orc purchase, then followed up the next turn purchasing his Drow. His Carrion Crawlers soon followed, and he was starting to heap some damage onto me. I weathered the initial storm, and started fielding Half-Orcs and Wizards again.

    Finally my break came. Mark had fielded two Crawlers, a Drow, three Sidekicks, and a Half-Orc. I had two Half-Orcs (both with Helmet and Sword), a Wizard, a Unicorn, and two NPCs. Mark KO'd my sidekicks with Carrion Crawler's Global ability. This allowed his Drow to skip across the field, as I was not about to sacrifice my Unicorn to his Assassin. He also attacked with his Crawlers, which my Half-Orcs dispatched. When my turn came, I rolled multiple . Using these, I was able to return the favor and KO HIS NPCs, allowing my helmeted Half-Orcs to hit back hard.

    I finished the day 4-0. Steve, my favorite arch-nemesis, took home second. The guy is an extremely solid player that has thrashed me more times than I care to count. So, any day when we both do well is a good day... especially if I am able to do a little more well.

    I was very pleased with the turn out once again. We have been advertising on several forums and on Facebook. We also started an FB group for Louisville Dice Masters (called "Derby City Dice Masters"), and this seemed to help grow the game. Tomorrow, in the very same room, we are holding an OP for Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing. Hopefully, overall it is as much fun as today was. I would invite ANYONE in the Louisville area to come out for our next events. It is always fun with these guys and gals.

    (Side note: I was able to trade with some awesome people and finish my AoU Rare Set. So, all in all, it was a good day and EVERYONE went home with at least one prize or drafted Super Rare.)

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    Nice write up. Wish I had the memory to lay out the games I play like that.... gonna have to find a hat-cam to use or something similar. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolk63 View Post
    Nice write up. Wish I had the memory to lay out the games I play like that.... gonna have to find a hat-cam to use or something similar. lol.
    Thank you. If I don't do a quick write-up very shortly after the event, then most of my memories of the games have faded substantially. These were some memorable matches, and since I haven't played much in set D&D they really stuck out.

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    Just a (non Dice Masters) follow up... I didn't win the Attack Wing event. I had the largest swing from hot dice to, well, not hot dice I've ever seen. I won my first game, but in game two I had the best dice rolls I've ever had in ANY game. I was able to win in 1 turn, which is really odd in a game like this.

    In the last game, however, it all changed. Five times I rolled six attack dice, and only managed one hit. And it wasn't even a critical hit. It was, as the kids say, a bummer. I was thinking of playing in a Dice Masters event on Thursday, and hopefully all my bad luck has evaporated by then. Hopefully.

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