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Thread: The Iron Man Event 23rd August Perth Western Australia

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    Lightbulb The Iron Man Event 23rd August Perth Western Australia

    Wiz kids event system -

    Facebook event -

    Are you up to the challenge - 3 tournaments in 1 day - stretching your brain and skills to the limits, fighting it out to be crown the IRON Man of Dice Masters

    Cost will be $40 which will include lunch and all the booster packs required for the draft and hybrid draft (a total of 18 packs). Payment due by the start of the first tournament (10:00am 23/8/2015) But you can always pre pay in store or drop an email to

    Prizes will be taken from organised play packs

    Rego will close Midnight the 12th of August

    The First event will be a rainbow draft

    The Second event will be a Hybrid draft ( you bring 4 cards and draft 4 cards and then set out dice and chose basic actions)

    And then last but not least - Unrestricted Constructed - Bring your best team and fight it out

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    That might be the next promo card - the story owner asked for "live action" shots from the movie - but as part of the first prize the winner will be allowed to chose the style and four BAC for the prizes next Iron Man

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    I even included High Res copies of the prize cards -

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    People will be able to watch live updates - - Draft (the first event) - Hybrid (Second Event) - Constructed (Third Event) - Overall Standings

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    Due to a fire next to the game store, the store has no power, so the Iron Man needs to be postponed

    On the plus side, the store is going to smell like fried chips for a while (it was a chip factory that went up)

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    Update (which I forgot to post here)
    A new date has been set


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