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Thread: "The Iron Man Tournament" - New event type (Maybe?)

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    "The Iron Man Tournament" - New event type (Maybe?)

    So dicemasters is just taking off at my lfgs- and while we play regularly play on a Thursday night, I have decided we need a full day test of skill and endurance - so I came up with The Iron Man event

    It is a full day event, 3 sub tournaments, a rainbow draft, a hybrid draft, and a constructed event. And the person with the best over all result will be crowned The Iron Man

    Would you guys run this or what other full day events do you run for a community of between 8 and 24 people?


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    If you do this you should totally make custom alt-art Iron Man cards as prizes :-)

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    I am doing it - see my thread in the event forum, but that is a great idea

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    Question here, do you have set a timelimit for a match or the round? and when yes, how long?

    At my place 1 round can take up to 30 minutes, and others need an hour. So when i wanna run an event i must set rules for a little bit time strict play, except the Shop Owner makes an exception and let the store open in until some time after midnight.

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    Rounds are 45 minutes

    And I am thinking next week when the store is running a draft - I might see if we can put a time limit on the draft itself so we have an idea then - but the store owner is happy to stay open as long as we need

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    This sounds COOL. Try and document what happens. I'd love to do something like this online one day.

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    I like this idea. Sounds like fun. Please let us know how it turns out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    If you do this you should totally make custom alt-art Iron Man cards as prizes :-)
    I got busy

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	card (1).png 
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Size:	797.2 KB 
ID:	2055

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    Ok - So spent the afternoon after my physo appointment not being able to walk

    So instead of wasting the time watching Netflixs - I created these

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1stcard.png 
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ID:	2068Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2ndcard.png 
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Name:	3rdcard.png 
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ID:	2070

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    Sounds like a good idea I would be down to do it you were in Southern California.

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    Well just working on the final promo cards (doing bleed and cut marks) but once it is finished I might write up an event pack (including the promo cards) and put it up for download so other people can run it over in the states

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    That might be the next promo card - the story owner asked for "live action" shots from the movie - but as part of the first prize the winner will be allowed to chose the style and four BAC for the prizes next Iron Man

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