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Thread: All marvel build

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    All marvel build

    Ok so for my basic action cards im running cordinated strike and invulnerability mosty because i think a lot of ppl are gonna be running hulk out. So here is my team
    Batarang instrument of destruction
    Batman bruce wayne
    Robin acrobatic adolescent
    Beast bouncing blue
    Harley Quinn dr. Harley
    The Joker clown prince of crime
    Ultron new world order
    ultrone drone binary code
    so im thinking that i can get 2 beasts and harley bought in my first 2 rounds. Once i get harley out i buy the joker for 3 and use him on 4 of my opponents team members. Beast should give me some ramp and life. Next i get batman and then robin out. Robin will return to the field at lvl 3 if koko'd. Then i go for the ultron combo. So what do u guys think

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    Firstly - "all marvel" when you have several DC characters?

    Secondly - could you explain by "i buy the joker for 3 and use him on 4 of my opponents team members"?

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    Didn't you know that Beast and Ultron moved to Gotham City.

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    Ok, that's what I thought you meant.

    Let's examine Joker's card text:

    When fielded, choose an opponent’s character card, cancelling all previous choices. Your opponent cannot field that character while The Joker is active.
    (Emphasis mine).

    So, the section I have highlighted means you nullify any previous choices, and the effects of those choices, that you have made with Joker.

    What this means is you can only use Joker to lock down one of your opponent's characters, no matter how many Joker dice you field.

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    You can only lock down 1 character with Joker. Its not for every Joker die, its just Joker himself. They can still purchase the character but they cant field him.

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    Tell us what type of deck you want to build. There's burn decks, overcrush, gimmicks, rush or control. Just pick a deck that sits to your type.

    I'm the type that enjoys control. I burn down my opponent and have control slowing down the game. Its both defensive and offensive. It sits in the middle. Check it out.

    When creating a deck just have in mind these key things.

    What you will ramp with
    Your win condition
    Spot removal
    Your defense
    Buy order

    But the final thing is, have fun with your deck.

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