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Thread: Realm of the King (Trade/Sale List)

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    Realm of the King (Trade/Sale List)

    High Priority Wants:
    Phil Coulson: Man with the Plan (And 1 dice)
    S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Dice (3)
    Maria Hill Dice (1)
    Harley Quinn: Dr. Harley Quinzel (And 1 dice)
    Joker Dice (2)
    Doctor Doom: Nemesis (And 1 dice)
    Imprisoned (2)
    Harley Quinn: Dr. Harley Quinzel Full Art Promo

    Other Wants:
    Mystique: Shapeshifter (And 1 dice)
    Stirge: Epic Beast (And 2 dice)
    Red Tornado: Android (And 1 dice)
    Wasp: Founding Avenger (And 1 dice)
    Electro: Cooked Meat (With the zombie dice)

    (All include die on request unless noted)


    Obelisk the Tormentor: Fist of Fury
    The Winged Dragon of Ra: The Most Powerful Egyptian God
    Sangan: Sacrificial Fiend (2)
    Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack (2)
    Marshmallon: Bites Back (2)
    Man-Eater Bug: Gaping Maw
    Injection Fairy Lily: Fairy Nurse (2)
    Lord of D.: Dragonkin (2)
    Goblin Attack Force: Unruly Throng
    Breaker the Magical Warrior: Counterspell
    Blade Knight: Last Man Standing
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Claws of Steel
    Ring of Magnetism: Monster Attraction
    Doomcaliber Knight: Dark Cavalry (2)
    Baby Dragon: Cute but Dangerous
    Black Luster Soldier: Fearsome Fighter
    Harpie Lady Sisters: Trio of Terror
    Thousand Dragon: Noxious Nostril Gust
    Celtic Guardian: Silverblade Slash

    The Winged Dragon of Ra: Solar Deity
    Slifer the Sky Dragon: Growing Ever Stronger
    Obelisk the Tormentor: Fist of Fate (3)
    Millennium Puzzle: The Eternal Dungeon
    Millennium Rod: Scepter of Supremacy
    Sangan: Zealous Supporter
    Marshmallon: Malleable Monster
    Man-Eater Bug: Insatiable Appetite
    Morphing Jar: All-Seeing Eye (5)
    Lord of D.: Dragon Protector
    Goblin Attack Force: Goblin Squad (2)
    Saggi the Dark Clown: Dark Light
    Mystical Elf: Everlasting Support (2)
    Breaker the Magical Warrior: Mystical Magus (2)
    Blade Knight: Solo Act
    Curse of Dragon: Dragon Flame
    Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction
    Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter
    Baby Dragon: Soft Scales
    Dark Magician: Powerful Sorceress (2)
    Trap Hole: Shallow
    Black Luster Soldier: Chaos Blade
    Harpie Lady Sisters: Triangle Ecstasy Spark (2)
    Flame Swordsman: Flaming Sword of Battle
    Thousand Dragon: Inferno Flame Breath (2)
    Buster Blader: Dragon Slayer
    Jinzo: Mechanical Master
    Summoned Skull: Lightning Storm

    Sangan: Clawed Fiend
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Blue Titan
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Terrifying Behemoth (3)
    Dark Magician: Master Spellcaster
    Marshmallon: Fluffy Fairy (5)
    Man-Eater Bug: Insectiod (5)
    Kuriboh: Cute Furball
    Kuriboh: Yugi's Protecter (4)
    Injection Fairy Lily: Rocket Attack (6)
    Morphing Jar: Canopic Jar (2)
    Lord of D.: Dragon Commander (5)
    Goblin Attack Force: Charge! (5)
    Saggi the Dark Clown: Sinister Jester (7)
    Mystical Elf: Mystical Healing (3)
    Breaker the Magical Warrior: Mana Break (5)
    Blade Knight: Lone Wolf (3)
    Curse of Dragon: Bony Body (3)
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Plated Body
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Inferno Fire Blast (3)
    Ring of Magnetism: Sidekick Attraction (4)
    Doomcaliber Knight (4)
    Baby Dragon: Juvenile Reptile
    Dark Magician Girl: Arcane Companion (2)
    La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
    Trap Hole: Deep (2)
    Black Luster Soldier: Ultimate Soldier (4)
    Harpie Lady: Furious Fowl
    Harpie Lady: Cyber Slash (3)
    Harpie Lady Sisters: Triple Scratch Attack (2)
    Flame Sowrdsman: Master Swordsman
    Buster Blader: Dragon Butcher (2)
    Time Wizard: Turning Back Time
    Celtic Guardian: Lightning Fast (3)
    Jinzo: Cyber Energy Shock (2)
    Summoned Skull: Intense Lightning (4)

    Dungeons and Dragons:

    Prismatic Spray: Paragon Spell (No dice)
    Magic Helmet: Paragon Gear (No dice)
    Magic Sword: Paragon Gear (No dice)
    Half-Orc Fighter: Paragon Zhentarim
    Dracolich: Paragon Undead Dragon
    Carrion Crawler: Paragon Aberration

    Prismatic Spray: Greater Spell (No dice)
    Limited Wish: Greater Spell (2) (No dice)
    Dracolich: Greater Undead Dragon
    Invisible Stalker: Greater Elemental (2)
    Elf Wizard: Greater Order of the Guantlet
    Stirge: Greater Beast
    Drow Assassin: Greater Humanoid (2)
    Treant: Greater Beast
    Wererat: Greater Lycanthrope
    Skeleton: Greater Undead
    Carrion Crawler: Greater Aberration

    Vampire: Minion Undead
    Vampire: Lesser Undead (2)
    Vampire: Apprentice Undead
    Vampire: Master Undead
    Limited Wish: Lesser Spell (No dice)
    Magic Helmet: Lesser Gear (2) (No dice)
    Magic Sword: Lesser Gear (2) (No dice)
    Half-Orc Fighter (2) (One without dice)
    Kobold: Lesser Humanoid (2) (No dice)
    Dracolich: Lesser Undead Dragon
    Green Dragon: Minion Dragon
    Green Dragon: Apprentice Dragon
    Green Dragon: Lesser Dragon
    Green Dragon: Master Dragon
    Invisible Stalker: Lesser Elemental (2)
    Elf Wizard: Lesser Harper (4)
    Half-Dragon: Lesser Humanoid (2)
    Unicorn: Lesser Beast (3)
    Stirge: Lesser Beast
    Purple Worm: Lesser Beast (2)
    Umber Hulk: Lesser Beast
    Halfing Thief: Minion Harper
    Halfing Thief: Apprentice Emerald Enclave
    Halfing Thief: Master Zhentarim
    Drow Assassin: Lesser Humanoid
    Treant: Lesser Beast
    Minotuar: Lesser Humanoid
    Wererat: Lesser Lycanthrope (2)
    Skeleton: Lesser Undead

    Avengers vs X-Men:

    Mystique: Could be Anyone

    Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts

    Iron Man: Inventor
    Iron Man: Playboy
    Iron Man: Philanthropist
    Nova: Quasar (2)
    Storm: 'Ro (No dice)
    Storm: Goddess of the Plains (No dice)
    Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme
    Rogue: Anna Raven (No dice)
    Mr. Fantastic: Brilliant Scientist
    Black Widow: Natural
    Mystique: Unknown
    Gambit: Ace in the Hole
    Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze
    Beast: Genetic Expert
    Beast: Big Boy Blue
    Beast: Mutate #666

    Ultimate X-Men:

    Cerebro: Mutant Hunter (Have 2 dice)

    She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters

    Age of Ultron:

    Wonder Man: Movie Star
    Pepper Pots: Stark International
    Enchantress: Hypnotic

    Moondragon: Dragon of the Moon
    Bucky: Cap's Sidekick (2)
    Spider-Woman: Playing Both Sides
    Daredevil: Man Without Fear
    Beast: Bouncing Blue Beast
    Hyperion: Avenger (2)
    Wonder Man: Ionic Energy
    Loki's Scepter: Mind Control
    Odin: Gungnir
    Loki: Trickster God
    Red Skull Embodiment of Evil
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Argonaut
    Nick Fury: Life Model Decoy
    Giant Man: Original Avenger
    Thanos: The Mad Titan
    Starhawk: The One Who Knows

    Captain America: Symbol of Freedom
    Ultron: New World Order (3)
    Moondragon: Heather Douglas (3)
    Bucky: James Buchanan Barnes
    Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew
    Vision: Punisher
    Daredevil: Matthew Murdock, Attourney-at-Law
    Iron Man: Tinhead
    Thor: Thunderer
    Beast: Dr. Hank McCoy (2)
    Hyperion: Eternal (3)
    Wonder Man: Simon Williams
    Loki's Scepter: Magic (2)
    Wasp: The Winsome Wasp (2)
    Captain Universe (2)
    Phil Coulson: Inspirational Leader (No dice)
    Jocasta: Titanium Body
    Red Skull: Johann Schmidt
    Star-Lord: Peter Jason Quill (4)
    Nick Fury: Sgt. Fury (2)
    Baron Zemo: Helmut J. Zemo (No dice)
    Hawkeye: What kind of Arrow?
    Giant Man: Dr. Henry Pym
    Thanos: Courting Death (2)
    Hulk: Gamma Powered
    Pepper Potts: Personal Secretary of Tony Stark
    Ultron Drone: 01000100 01101001 01100101
    Starhawk: Stakar Ogord (2)
    Enchantress: Amora (2)

    DC: Justice League

    Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance

    Black Canary: Canary Cry
    Batarang: From Wayne Enterprises

    Black Canary: Crime-Fighter
    Constantine: Con Artist
    Lantern Power Ring: Energy Contructs (2)
    Batarang: Instrument of Distraction
    Harley Quinn: Femme Fatale (No dice)
    Green Lantern: Willpower
    Hawkman: World's Fiercest Attacker
    Black Manta: Deep Sea Deviant
    Cyborg: Expectionally Gifted

    Constantine: Anithero
    Green Arrow: Former Mayor
    Captain Cold: Leonard Snart
    Lantern Power Ring: Energy Projection
    Batarang: Tool of the Bat (2)
    Catwoman: Selina Kyle
    Shazam!: Billy Batson
    Deathstroke: Weapons Master
    Red Tornado: Rannian
    Booster Gold: Michael Jon Carter
    Firestorm: Jason and Ronnie
    Martian Manhunter: Green Martian (2)
    Wonder Woman: Princess Diana
    Soloman Grundy: Born on a Monday
    Deadman: Boston Brand (2)
    Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes
    Zatanna: Backwards Magic (2)
    Vibe: Francisco Ramon (2)
    Cyborg: Vic Stone


    Phoenix Force: Force of Nature
    Captain America: The First Avenger
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    My: Deadpool: Jack, War Machine: Combat Comrade, Ant-Man: Pym Particles, Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell, Green Goblin: Goblin Lord (all with whatever dice)

    Your: Mystique: Could be Anyone, Gambit: Le Diable Blanc, and Iron Man: Phoenix Buster

    PM me?

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