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Thread: Retaliation

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    The attack zone is still part of the field.

    There is no ruling I know of that says it turns off there.

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    If Batman was unblocked or knocked out then he would not have been active to trigger Retaliation.

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    (Basically) All combat damage resolves simultaneously, blocked or unblocked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helimechks View Post
    Ok bats being unblocked and in the used pile I would understand but I always thought that blockers resolved before unblocked attackers. So the blocked Zatannas would would be resolved triggering Batman than batman resolves dealing combat damage and going to the used pile.
    There is only one difference, While UnBlocked characters go after damage and resolved first Out of Play before going in the Used Pile, the Blocked ones go back to field or the KO Zone, resolve there effects while the unblocked cannot be aimed for effects of them(if i am remembering correct).

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