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    Galactus Mode

    Here you go.

    Dice Masters potential Galactus rules.

    Galactus has a damage tracker that starts at 0. His countdown timer starts at 10. Choose any character to be his Herald. Place that character in Galactus's reserve pool on its level 1 side. Galactus wins when either the Countdown timer reaches 0 and Galactus devours Earth or your life is reduced to 0. You win when you have dealt 20 damage to Galactus, forcing him to leave Earth.

    On Galactus’s turn, roll his die.

    Galactus die:

    Side 1 – Countdown 1.

    Side 2 – Countdown 1.

    Side 3 – Countdown 2.

    Side 4 – Herald.

    Side 5 – Herald.

    Side 6 – Galactus.

    If a “Countdown” face comes up, move the Countdown timer that many increments.

    If the “Herald” face comes up, and there is not a Herald in play, field the chosen Herald character die on level 1. If the Herald is already in play, spin it up one level.

    If the Galactus side comes up, Galactus deals 8 damage to every character in play other than himself.


    -Only 1 Herald die may be in play at a time.

    -The Herald will attack every turn if able.

    -The Herald will block every turn if able. If there are multiple attackers, it will block the attacker with the highest attack value when blockers are declared. (In case of ties, you may choose the character.)

    -If the Herald has an ability that targets an opposing character, always target the character with the highest attack value. (In case of ties, you may choose the character.)

    -If the Herald is knocked out or removed from the field, it simply returns to the reserve pool, on its level 1 character side.

    -The Herald can only be fielded when the Galactus die shows the Herald face up.

    -If the Herald is not in the field, it remains in Galactus’s reserve pool, on its level 1 character side.

    -If the Herald successfully damages the player, instead of going to the used pile (since Galactus has no used pile) he simply returns to the field. He DOES NOT leave play after damaging the opponent.


    -Is a “character”, not a “player”. So abilities that target a “player” have no effect on Galactus. That also means Galactus cannot “pay life” to prevent an effect. This also means Galactus cannot gain life. He is a character with no definable attack or defense stats. (Note: he does not have life or health as players do. He has a damage tracker that counts up to 20.)

    -While Galactus IS a character, he is invulnerable to effects that would instantly K.O. or remove him from play.

    -Galactus has no dice bag, used pile, or prep area.

    Cards that present problems:

    Any character that forces the opponent to make a decision, such as Black Widow, Tsarina or Punisher, McRook. I think the rule is that Galactus will always take the damage when presented with a “take damage or do this” type choice. Galactus does not fear the heroes of Earth, and it does not matter if they damage him. He will not be stopped. Or those cards have no effect, since Galactus is not a player. He is a character. But what about cards that target your “opponent” as opposed to "player"? Galactus isn't a player, but is he an opponent? The jury is still out.


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    So what I did was the same concept and rules as galactus with a couple exceptions: I had Apocalypse as the main baddy, then picked out 4 horsemen (I used gambit, Wolverine, Psylocke and angel, tried to keep it close to the comics) they were his heralds. So roll a one on Apocalypses turn, field death. Roll 2 field war,3 field pestilence and 4 field famine. If you roll a 5 it's the countdown and 6 is Apocalypse. However I changed that; instead of him dealing 8 damage to each character you have fielded you must k.o. a hero permanently, no recruiting, no buying and all of em you have fielded get knocked out as well. The idea is to play with someone and have two teams of 4 characters. Thoughts?

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    I tested it out over the weekend. A few changes.... the 3 Countdown faces on Galactus' die are 1, 1, and 2. Change that to 1, 2, and 3. Also, when the Galactus face comes up, KO all of your characters.

    I haven't gotten a chance to do Galactus with multi player yet. Will try that first, then see if it can move to other big baddies like Onslaught with slightly different rules.

    Wizkids had some special rules and scenarios for fighting against Sentinels and other giant characters in Heroclix. Maybe this kind of thing could catch on, and even be market by Wizkids. It could come in a stand alone pack with a special Galactus play mat that only has a reserve pool and attack zone. It can have damage and coutdown trackers on it (or come with a d20 and d10) and to sweeten the deal, maybe even a limited edition Silver Surfer card/die: Silver Surfer, Herald of Galactus with a chrome die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    I tested it out over the weekend. A few changes.... the 3 Countdown faces on Galactus' die are 1, 1, and 2. Change that to 1, 2, and 3. Also, when the Galactus face comes up, KO all of your characters.
    Yep that's exactly what I did and love it. I usually randomly draw a herald for Galactus (I play Justice League set, so my Galactus is Darkseid... today's random herald was Batman 5A 5D). Question: Should the herald automatically attack if doing so gets him KO'd? (ex, my blocker was Superman 8A 8D). I've been playing as no, he wouldn't want to. This way he can still block for Galactus/Darkseid.

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    I Forgot about this format. Nice find and good luck playing around w it

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    Tried this tonight, really fun! Played a casual Luke cage/punisher team that I hadn't tried before agains galactus with silver surfer herald. First game I won, but had only 2 life left, second game galactus kicked my tail, and third game I won with the countdown clock at 1. It's a different feel than standard game but goes much faster, perfect for short solo play. It'd be fun to conceive of more of these types of challenges or boss battles.

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