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Thread: Hobby Invasion, NC, DC Sealed

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    Hobby Invasion, NC, DC Sealed

    So my game store is 'trying' to get into Dice Masters. I came into Dice Masters a little after UXM and right before YuGiOh and D&D. So I missed the AvX stuff (although I have gotten my hands on some). But as I can tell, the game store tried one tournament, had 4 people show up, and when they ran the next Dice Masters night (Thursday) and the next one showed. So I decided to try again.

    First things, we had 6 people show up!! (Alright, already doing better) And we had a player who has never played join us.

    So we decided to do a DC Sealed (mainly because the store sold out of AoU (thanks to ONE guy, bought 134 packs) and so it began.

    **Rant: dude that has never played or really heard a lot about DM pulls, on his first pack, a SR Constantine!! then he sales it to the store for store credit to buy Magic cards! Ugh! **Rant over**

    So here is my team, @RJRETRO would be proud, it was a semi-little cup team, only one uncommon and it wasn't even a character...

    x2 x1 x2

    x2 x1 x1

    x1 x1

    (just have to plug that none of the others have seen D&D basic actions and were amazed at what they could do, Polymorph was a BEAST)

    So, first match was against the other most experienced player. He was running Joker and Harley and Red Tornado (not the good one) and was being defensive with his Distraction as well. I bought Polymorph on turn 1 and used it to get out some bigs like Vibe. Vibe was my win condition with a big 7/7. we went down to the wire, I was at 13, he at 6 and then he made a mistake thinking I would block 7 damage, I didn't it went through and I hit with 9. Vibe and two sidekicks. 1-0

    Game two, against the kid who had never played. I helped him as he played, tried to tell him to use the Constantine power, never did, just didn't seem to care about it. Either that or he knew it wasn't a big deal since he was going to sell it later on. 2-0

    Game three, against the next best player there. He had the rare Black Canary-Canary Cry, thankfully it only rolled character once the entire game. He did have a rare Vixen (I laughed a little thinking about how bad the common is), he really wanted to play his Katana that gives +1 for villains and he had the Lantern Power Ring to do it, but he just never could. He also ran Blue Bettle and Firestorm, but again could get them out there. So, it came down to 1 turn (count his and mine as one) We were both at 13 HP, he had 5 characters out, I had 3, then tension was growing, both of us at 2-0, this the final match. I could do 12 damage and he could do 12 damage. He said, ok i'm going all in. I looked, I pondered, I felt my bag, I saw my used. I knew I could at least roll a sidekick next turn. So...I let it through. He has 13 still, I have 1. I draw from my bag. 2 sidekicks, a Katana, and a Polymorph. Roll, all energy, everything was energy. So I took one sidekick, left the other incased I needed a fielding cost, and took Katana. Rolled those two again, Katana came up on lvl 3, sidekick came up character. I fielded the sidekick, and Katana, swung for 17. He had no blockers, no reserved dice (because he could have distracted my lvl 3 Vibe at 7/7) so that was GAME, SET, Tournament. 3-0

    So, for my first Tournament I went 3-0, I give credit to TRP and all they do to help. And also all those who have helped me on Vassal!

    Thanks for reading, got Trinity War Superman and Pandoras Box.

    Also, it was cool being a TO for an event and playing as well.

    Until next time!

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    Way to absolutely dominate. Happy to see so much LC love, but why the UC Batarang?! You broke the trend!

    Hope to see more of you on Vassal.

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    Only other card I had multiple of. So I figured, just in case.

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    And yes, I hope to be on Vassal some more, just got to train my body to stay up later and train my 2 year old to go to bed earlier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingMatticus View Post
    ... train my 2 year old to go to bed earlier!
    Good luck with THAT!

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