Went to my first ever rainbow draft today! A friend of mine decided to go. He never played before so we got there about 30 minutes early and I taught him how to play. He picked it up really quickly. After we drafted I helped him assemble his team. Two other people showed up as well. One was a first time player, but he did have a starter set. The other was a more experienced player.

My team:

My first card I got was Captain Marvel. Second was Giant Man. From that point my plan was to use her and polymorph to spin up Antman. I think my third pick was Star Hawk. I then filled in the rest of my team with Guardians of the Galaxy characters. I also took Nasty plot for some ramp.

Game 1: (vs my friend)


My friend used Hulk out and Gearing up. So we both raced to grab all the Nasty Plot and Gearing Up dice. We were both rolling a lot of dice every time. The meat of his team was Ultron, the 2 cost Ultron drone, Baron Zemo and Kang that gave him rerolls.

It was pretty close, he almost killed me, but I was able to quickly rebuild a wall, and I got lucky when he rolled energy on his characters a few times at the end. I was able to get enough of my big characters out and spin them up to level 3 and just outnumber his guys.

Game 2: (vs the other new player)


My opponent used Transfer Power, and Deflection. It ended up turning into a Transfer power battle. His team consisted of Shield Agents, Nick Fury, Helicarrier, Maria Hill, Captain Marvel, Giant Man, Phil Coulson, and I think one of the Red Skulls.

I think the final was 4-0. In the end he built up a massive wall that out numbered me, and used transfer power to swap his sidekicks with my Giant Man dice. I ran into some issues where I kept rolling energy on my character dice, and couldn't get the energy I needed to buy remaining character dice I had. In the end I was just outnumbered. he had nice synergy on his team with Shield Agents, Coulson, Fury, and Hellicarrier. Maria Hill kept getting his Captain Marvel out of the used pile too, which was a pain.

I ended up 1-1. That's all we played. The whole thing took about 3.5 hours. Probably will go faster next time. Winner got some store credit. The rest of us got to pick out promos from previous OP events. I got almost all the OP cards I've been missing, which is awesome.