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Thread: First try at a deck - need some help filling it up

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    First try at a deck - need some help filling it up

    Hey all,

    I'm new to dice masters have only been playing about a month and half, so my resources are limited. I did manage to pull a SR Thanos the other day and decided to try and build a team around it. I have a six card base and am not quite sure what to add in addition. Obviously SR Thanos, another aou card I think would fit well is Black Widow:Natasha - Black Widow can't be blocked unless your opponent spins down one of their character dice.
    - Doomcaliber Knight


    My plan borrows from flying sidekicks with falcon but the idea is getting some cheap characters out there that will allow me to get through to my opponent and deal damage.

    Iron Man supplies the key Global for the strategy to really work, the plan is to turn whatever is attacking into a villain (sidekick, widow etc) in order to bring the cost of Thanos down. I went with this Iron man over the new one because the bolt energy I think would be better spent by pinging away sidekicks with Magic Missile to help me get through any defenses.

    Widow is hopefully getting through as a villain but also supplies cheap masks for Relentless and PXG.

    I really have no idea what the other two cards could be in this deck, and/or if this is even feasible. Either way I would love some feedback and input on any ideas that would help this deck out - even if it ends up being a just for a fun team/deck.

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    Your working with Flying sidekicks right? Why not just use Wonder Woman?

    Also since you're working with Over Crush with Thanos, why not instead use it to pump him up. Lets say, Hulk out for other beefy characters or Anger issues. If you do use anger issues, you might want to have this guy on your team for fist energy.
    Relentless is pointless because you're using Falcon. They are already going through regardless. I suggest use a card to pump up their stats.

    Also if its flying sidecks you might want to use this guy to make sure you get some if you do not roll them using professor X.

    Also you're using magic missile and using a flying sidekicks team.........Sidekicks only have 1 health. They could ping your sidekicks and kill them.

    Another idea is to use this old guy to ping your opponent down in health.

    or or

    Stick to one idea. Either overcrush or Flying sidekicks. Just make sure you have something for Spot Removal and some control over your opponent. Id suggest or considering a lot of your characters arent going to have giant attack stats. Hell you can use the new Giant man plus Polymorph to level him up.

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    Falcon + SK + Iron Man global is a lot of effort to get Villain damage through. Setting it up for multiple hits, and surviving in the meantime, doesn't seem likely.

    To use the Iron Man (or similar) global to make an unblockable character a villain, consider: or You won't expect many adventurers to show up in unlimited, so the uncommon is virtually unblockable. The SR is flat-out unblockable and has swarm, for the same cost (in energy, not $). Low purchase cost and low fielding costs means you can get these going early and often.

    If you want to make cheap and effective villains more likely to go unblocked, maybe consider . It isn't foolproof, but if you bring cheap villains from a few energy types you can buy your villains accordingly. Consider: for villains of 3 different energy types under 3 cost. And Pick Your Battles can cut down on blocker options for when you send Thanos; Overcrush is good, full damage might be better.

    EDIT: Forget Pick Your Battles, just open a and send Cheetah (or whoever) through.
    I was also going to point at as a way to possibly reuse the action die (Dimension Door) the next turn. Speed is key. He also has low fielding cost and good defense, and can punch through the Dimension Door for villain damage if neccesary.

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    @VastSpartan Thanks so much for your detailed post. Really appreciate the information, and will probably scrap both BACs, in search of something that fits the bill a little bit more, I like the idea of Anger issues a lot. I really want to stick with the overcrush and try to figure out how to really take advantage of Thanos. I really wish I had Johnny Storm unfortunately right now I do not my avx and uxm card count at the moment is pretty low. Still thank you for the feedback.
    @LastManOnEarth Also thank you very much for your post, Love the suggestions. I'm not super familiar with the d&d set so thank you for bringing those to my attention. I really like the idea of some of the villains that you brought up, and think I might rework my idea to be more focused on a "cheap aggro villains deck"

    Thank you both again, I will post what I come up with a little later today and hopefully it has a little more cohesion about it.

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