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Thread: All marvel villains.... well maybe not quite.

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    All marvel villains.... well maybe not quite.

    Hey all, given how fun the villains are in AoU it's really got me wanting to run a team full of them. That was until I hit on an idea in my first ever draft game.

    I had ironman tin head and my opponent was playing the super rare thanos. Luckily for me, he didn't connect iron man's global (pay a bolt to make a character a villain) with his sidekicks. As if he had done, by turn 3 he could have been getting thanks for 2. (He rolled 2 sidekicks and 2 energy/? Each of the first two turns) whereas I'd sunk all of my dice in to purchases and had no blockers.

    This is certainly a stratergy I'd like to try out myself but am worried it will slow down by game significantly. I wondered about putting iron man and prof x in with single dice, Prof x to help incase I didn't roll a bolt or ?. I also planned on having the 2 cost ultron drone for some more cheap villains.

    Other cards I'm looking at

    Rare kang - opponent pays 2 lie or can't re roll (this is just fun)
    Common Red skull - if kod opponent chooses to lose 2 life or have me gain 2.

    Maybe the avengers disassembled scarlet witch to weaken avengers given their numerous presence this set.

    Any other recommendations?

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    I went with gimmicks for my new deck. Im using Ultron Drones - 1 in a Million with Ultron and Ultron - New World Order both being villains.

    I also used these little guys for energy on the Ultron Drones Global.

    Global: Pay : double Fist Choose an opposing character die to block a character die of your choice this turn.

    I guess in this case you can use Hulk Out plus Ultron drone to do the Combat Damage plus capturing to do ping them. With Ultron out in the field you can ping them for more damage which helps kill your opponent quicker.

    You can also use to get those bolts you need. I still think its too much work make something a villain when you can just use villains. The Drones are a 3 cost and Hulk out being 2 with Ultron being a 6. SR Thanos is a win condition so he will most likely come out late to middle game.

    My spot removal was Gamora considering I was just using a defensive deck.

    Also this old puppy because I wasnt using anything with big stats besides Ultron

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