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Thread: Counter Attack Team

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    Counter Attack Team

    Hey everybody, i wanted to create a team with characters i know can come in handy, but i never put them together.

    The Basic Idea and win condition is, Knockout the Enemy Attackers do damage and gain life and after that on your turn become lethal.

    The Engines to make things get started when everyone is in position. Mr. Fantastic is second plan for that.

    Damage, Lifegain and more dice in the Prep Area.

    For making Mr. Fantastic and Beast good for damage if the enemy forces me or i want to finish him.

    Spin Down and Up for the greater Good!

    Now there 2 Slots open and iam not sure if i really need Ant-Man for this, also i need maybe a good removal like Storm and also a Ramp option like Kobold or PXG.
    are there other cards that hast similar good effects when defending? I know Jocasta would be nice here, but i dont possess her in my collection.

    My Biggest fears are slowlyness and Hulk Green Goliath or something similar.

    I suppose i would choose and but would be PXG better?

    Thanks in Advance

    PS: If someone has played such a team, he could write about the goods and bads of such a team
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    What about the wasp sr instead of the paladin
    Discourages use of the global stock and also fits in your bolt curve
    You could also with a slight adjustment turn it into a "posion team"
    Get the professor x which stops your opponent from re rolling unless they pay 2 life, and maybe the ultron drone that captures and does damage equal to the blockers fielding cost - making every phase of the game affecting your opponent's life total or restricting what they can do

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    But there isnt a Win condition.
    Yep tested, it is nice if you take 2 cards from it for another deck, but really i couldnt do enough damage until i had 15 characters outside ^^ to swing open board.... .

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    Look for a proper win condition. I thought I had one with Wolverine but he was wayyyy too expensive. Someone mentioned my Jinzo being one but that's dumb in itself. No one is going to burn themselves out using globals and action dice. I switched to Nova and he was my final Win condition and perfectly fit with me team because it was control both offensively and defensively.

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