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Thread: Different View of Rules and Sharing

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    Different View of Rules and Sharing

    I am interested about your opinion on this and how you work with it?

    Let me explain what i mean on my personal view.
    At first, DM is just a game like any other you can find in this category. You have much variety, a lot of Fun most of the time and a big Door for competitive and meta to develope. And DICE! Much of DICE!
    So one day i tried out the websites that where created for DM like TRPool, DAnon, DMRules or the WKRForum. When i started i was like a big stream that pulled or sucked me in. I was never aware of so much Rules and possibilities. After 2 Days of strict reading thread for thread, my head was dizzy and filled with so much new stuff, that i was losing focus and the main-part, the game itself. I was a little bit sad, i lost most games, even if i was knowing much more then my friends and opponents(also to say, that i roll really horrible before i used my new dice tower). That was before i was listening to the podcasts and reading all the good advices here on TRP. And yet, sometimes i got a big advantage against my opponent with a good combo, but my meta-thinking was really dizzy and i won really close with one big issue. My opponent was like "really you can do this? Are you sure, i never saw that." And well i must say, we have zero connection to the net with handys or something else, so showing some thread on the internet was not possible and i needed to be strong willed, but not forcefully to explain some combos or doings in the game because of rules.
    But here is a good advice. If the card doesn't change the rulebook, refer to the rulebook(newest version ofcourse) so you have at least something that supports you.
    But here begins the real trouble, some people, accept or aknowledging what you say(even if your not 100% correct, yes everybody makes mistakes =) ) and others don't.
    Now i would say, it is not a "mission" to bring the full rule-madness from Wizkids to everybody, but in my opinion the basic rules or rather, the rulebook itself should be read be everyone who wants to play it on competitive level.

    There is also the discussions here and on other websites about, what is possible and what not with characters. Sure it would be easy to say, just read the card thats all, but WK itself is not so 100% confident about there rules i think. For example BattleLore 2.Edition, a game i love that it is my Nr.1 Boardgame, has a Rulebook to the normal Playbook, where everything is described. You read it, you do it, sometimes wrong and afterwards you remember the correct way. But now that they released Addons for this game and few more people came to the community, they asking question about the tiniest things. I mean asking is good and nothing wrong about it. But sometimes i was wishing, there is a good Fairy that is pouring some magical dust over them, to just play the game and love it, instead of ruling it.

    Also all these, "rules-reading" affected me a little bit. The Timing with passing priority, i use it even in casual games to be trained, but for my friends sometimes it is really uninteresting, but i understand it,because it destroys the flow of the game sometimes or makes it slower. Not to mention when i want to try a new combo and found out and not telling them in advance of the match about it. The view goes like "Can you do that?" and there the cycle about proofing sometimes repeats, i am just glad the most people have touch-devices (i have a Handy!!! It can send SMS and i can call people, thats all, i dont need this Hocus Pocus mini Computer...).
    But most of the time i try to share such combos or thoughts i have, ofcourse to maybe get some different view on it to see the flaws or goods i missed with my perspective and it brings more positivity to the game than hiding them. After all we are a hand-in-hand community which shoudl share there efforts and i think right now we are on this way 100% or even more!

    PS: My intent is talk relaxed about this and not try to raise a storm or something.

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    "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot." -- Alexander Pope

    I ask questions. I challenge answers. Because I want to learn. I want to know more than the answer: I want to know why, so next time I have a better chance of figuring it out for myself.

    And then I sit down and play the game. Most of the people I play with have a basic understanding of the 5 steps necessary to play the game. One is aware of and checks Wizkids rulings.

    We play for fun. Never going to make it to a higher level tournament or GenCon or something like that.

    Personally, I love the intricacies of the rules. But no one else around me does. Vigorous discussions online. Fun games in real life.

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    If you are planning on bringing a specific combo to a Constructed OP event, I'd probably print out the relevant WKRF post and talk to the TO beforehand. I'd definitely explain it to the people I'm playing with.

    I'm lucky at the place I play at, the TO is one of the top finishers from US Nationals so he has a pretty good grasp of the rulings, and me and another guy are pretty good at keeping up on the rules online.

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    As a TO, I try to do lots of rules reading, especially the couple days before our events. Not only do I remember the answers, but the wk forums will let you bookmark threads in your control panel. We have one of those guys that has a loose understanding of the rules, but thinks he's an expert and wants to argue every point of damage sometimes. I just try to be prepared so I can keep those conversations short so the game keeps going. Unfortunately, all the rules reading hasn't seemed to make me a better player, I've still got a 40-60 win loss. It does make me a better judge, and I do enjoy it when i learn something new.

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