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Thread: Smash! global clarification

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    Smash! global clarification

    Came up at a local draft yesterday, and I was curious. With all the Hulk Out and Overcrush I was expecting, I was looking at using Smash! This is the global in question:

    Global: Pay [Fist]. Target blocked character deals no damage.
    I wanted to know if this was used against my uncommon Ultron Drone, if they still did damage to the opponent.

    Capture each enemy character blocking Ultron Drone, and deal damage to the defending player equal to its fielding cost (return it at the end of the turn).
    It was ruled that no, they would not damage my opponent, because they are still blocked and Smash! doesn't specify combat damage.

    So, does the Smash! global turn them off? Does it turn off Hulk: Green Goliath if he is blocked? I realize I can use it on my own die blocking/blocked by GG, but if I was still trying to KO GG and didn't want his ability to fire would it work?

    While Hulk is active, whenever either you or Hulk takes damage, Hulk deals 2 damage to each opposing character (no matter how many Hulks are fielded).
    * He deals 3 damage instead.
    Does it turn off Jocasta? (Again, I know you could just use the global on your OWN die that would have hurt Jocasta)
    The first time each turn Jocasta would be dealt damage, instead deal that damage to your opponent.

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    Smash global would definitely shut down Overcrush. It would also nullify Jocasta (if you were attacking and she was blocking).

    I don't know about the ability damage, I'd have to double-check the Rules Forums.

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    Smash would not shut of Uncommon Drone, because he deals his damage before smash could target him. Smash can only be used in the global step of the attack step. This occurs AFTER blockers have been declared, and is thus after Drones ability resolves.

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