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Thread: Stopping Rush Teams, how?

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    Stopping Rush Teams, how?

    So , i dont want cheat on myself to figure it out, but i guess at my wits ends i have to ask for help here ^^'.

    So how can i keep such teams like Fury Patch or Wolverine Spiderbomb Teams in Check?

    I know there is the Lord of D. against Target Abilities, but still a 4 cost slow, maybe to get earlier with PXG and Resurrection/Villain Pact/Zatanna/Gambit

    but i think if i will face such teams in a Unlimited Tournament, i should think about TransferPower or Distraction just to save myself from it?

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    Distraction helps yourself and against opponents. It shuts down a lot of stuff. There's also prismatic spray to stop them from attacking for a turn. Constantine Hellblazer does help stop them for about a turn from attacking. Swords of revealing light action stops one character from attacking.

    Rush decks are a bastard so you have a few options. Constantine and Distraction are probably the best when it comes slowing down and stalling the team.

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    You could also try uncommon Invisible stalker. He is a surprisingly effective single target prevention ability.

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    Thanks, yeah, i like often to play BIG-Bump-Teams , meaning i buy something big and will bump and bounce to do much damage. But most of time it is too risky and without a good defense plan if you start as second it is a Haywire(hope it is the correct word) fight.

    I think i must find myself a good overview thinking about what can harm me in the modest normal way and what cards can help me prevent or workaround it.

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    If your using big hitting characters just make sure you have a way to correctly ramp. Plan A to B. Try not to rush to your win condition, just have a system order of buying your characters.

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    If you have polymorph, turbo-ing into a turn 3 suppression character like Jinzo trap destroyer or Hulk Green Goliath is almost always effective and consistent.

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    there is only one Ressless (yeah it is me) but i cannot go there and must step back from it because of time and money :/ .
    Yeah true, if you can hold until turn 4 and you bring in your win characters , the rush team needs good rolls for it. Otherwise they trapped sometimes in a circle, and thats what i love

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    I was looking around and i will try out a team with Transferpower and Thrown Car

    Team is normally defensive, but when attacking with at least 3 energys good for lethal(i hope so):

    Ant-Man(3 Cost - global)
    Deadpool(4 Assassin or 5 Jack)
    Saggi the Dark Clown(3 Cost)
    Professor X(global)
    Black Panther - Wakanda Chief(4 Cost)
    Storm (3 Cost for removal)
    Human Paladin(4 cost - ensure no globals will getting on your nerves)
    Spiderman (5 Cost - Fist for taking all Blockers)

    Transfer Power
    Thrown Car / Hulk Out / Anger Issues

    If i could, i would bring in Falcon for unblocking Sidekicks and Jocasta as a fearsome alternative plan (make blocking or attacking enemys against her Stronger to deal good Damage)

    The Team needs a defensive Character and some sidekicks -> Attack with sidekicks -> 1 Fist switch Saggis 7 Defensive to Attack, 2 Shields for switching to enemy and back or maybe he has something with good Attack value on the field i can use.

    Sure he can use often Distraction but ruining with it his PXG Ramp.

    How does this plan looks like? Good, bad, medium cooked baked fried potato?

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    Can you put up the pictures? I dont have the attention span to look all these up.

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    Sorry Vast here the pictures.
    Essential the Core

    They did their work

    Never used him really

    Transferpower is good, but breaked my neck sometimes.
    Hulk Out 2 Cost gives character Overcrush and +1A

    It tested it against a Fury Patch Deck and got busted by Ant-Mans and Black Widows.... 2 Times

    and i won 1 time against a Midrange Deck, where i had time to attack with Black Panther Wakanda Chief and some sidekicks.

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    What type of deck are you going for exactly?
    Also if you plan on using Deadpool, use Jack. He KO's characters regardless.

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    Yes i used later Jack and he payed off, i wanted to counter the rushing deck with blockers, before a Spiderman comes around and takes all attention to him. And when there is a chance to swing with much attack value, but he never had strong attackers.

    But even when i thought i was lethal i couldnt get past this wall.

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    If he's building a wall and you want to slow him down, think about using Constantine - Hellblazer and the rare Wasp. They are turn 2 buys. Wasp slows down PXG and Constantine stops the character themselves for a turn (if you call them when they plan on fielding).

    Also in this case if he's building a wall think about using overcrush. Blast his characters. Hell, use Green Goliath Hulk with Magic missile or Human Torch - Johnny Storm to ping Hulk and wipe his board.

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    Thanks yes, i WILL USE HULK, i was against it the whole time, but yes i need him for it -_-
    I like Hulk but his cards are just not fitting in in my mind. I will try it out and post my experience, thank Vastspartan and all other guys here!

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    I went to a local tourney and out of all the decks I fought I lost to someone using Hulk. He really slows down the game. He was the exact reason I put Deadpool - Jack into my deck. Using distraction and Deadpool Jack for the combo to not activate Hulks effects is one of the safest things I could do. That and prismatic spray.

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