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Thread: Hawkeye Longbow + Starhawk Precognitive

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    Hawkeye Longbow + Starhawk Precognitive

    Would starhawks teamwatch(+2A) factor into Hawkeyes damage?

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    Depends. You control both triggers so you choose the order in which they resolve.

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    Yeah...these look to be simultaneous effects to me. Both characters abilities would trigger when Hawkeye is fielded, and there doesn't seem to be a reason to think otherwise based strickly on the card wording.

    If I had to choose one before the other...I'd choose Hawkeye before Starhawk, just becuase Hawkeye is the one who was fielded, so it kinda feels right that his effect would resolve first, but that isn't based on any rule.

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    Simultaneous abilities with the same trigger, both controlled by active player, active player chooses the order.

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    That's kinda the feeling I had, but wanted toake sure it was that awesome. Thanks guys

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