I don't have much AOU yet, but want to make a Small Cup Avengers team for this weekend's event using this set and I came up with this:

Black Widow: Natasha
Maria Hill: Avengers Liaison
Nick Fury: Mr. Anger
Pepper Potts: PSOTS
Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew
Iron Man: Inventor
She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters
Thor: Thunderer

Hulk Out
Ready To Rocket!
_ _ _

The 2 ways to win are:
- Early in the game I'll spam Black Widow to weaken my opponent's team to level 1s and then have Spider-Woman slide in to attack unopposed.
- Late in the game pair She-Hulk with Hulk Out. If they decide to block her she levels up making it worse for them. Then there's also Ready To Rocket! to boost her more.

- Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Thor and She-Hulk are there for defense. Pepper gives +D bonuses to make them monster walls.

- If I do use Iron Man, Thor or even Nick Fury offensively I'll pair either up with Maria Hill if they're able to get through.
- Thor is basic a lightning rod for direct damage by using Iron Man's global. I know she's expensive at 7 cost, but none of her cards are that great.

- All the 2 cost characters.

I'm on the fence about using Iron Man: Philanthropist to gain life, if I do that then I'll change Thor to Not Who You Expected? with her being cheap at 5 cost.

What do you all think?