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Thread: Doomcaliber Knight common and rare?

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    Doomcaliber Knight common and rare?

    I was looking back over some cards and I have a question about the Doomcaliber Knight common and rare.

    The common Skeletal Warrior: "When an opponent uses an action die, you must cancel the effect and knock out this monster."

    The rare Dark Cavalry: "If an opponent uses a global ability, you must spin this monster down one level to cancel the ability and prevent that ability from being used again this turn. (You cannot spin down a level 1 monster, so it does not cancel.)"

    The "MUST" here is definitely throwing me off. If I have two Doomcaliber Knights fielded and either of these effects trigger, do I have to knock out/spin down both Doomcaliber Knights, or can I just do one? For example, I have two Doomcaliber Knights fielded at level 2. My opponent attempts to Magic Missile Global and then Professor X global. Can both be canceled from spinning each Doomcaliber down once, or would they both be spun down from the initial Magic Missile trigger?

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    I think it's one spin-down per effect cancelled, so two lvl 2's would allow 2 cancelled globals, and you can also do multiple spin-downs to cancel multiple effects if the DK dice are lvl 3.

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    I think too it is one spind down, same like if a Black Widow - Tsarina attacks and the text says "spin down a character or 2 damage".

    The only downside is, the enemy could shut down some globals for you in your turn with this.

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