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Thread: Jocasta vs Captain America Super Soldier

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    Jocasta vs Captain America Super Soldier

    If Jocasta gets combat damage (1st time she's dealt damage instead deal that to the opponent) goes against someone with CA SS (prevent all but 1 damage from any action/character ability) would there only be 1pt of damage because it's from Jocasta redirect or full damage because it was originally combat damage?

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    Redirect does not change the source of the damage. If it's incoming combat damage from Hulk, it's redirected combat damage from Hulk. If it's redirected ability damage from, say, Human Torch, then Captain America would work for that.

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    What about in conjunction with human paladin? If hulk hits Jocasta and Jocasta sends it back to player 1 can human paladin reduce that damage to 1 with his global?

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    Global: Pay . Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1.
    I'd say no, for the same reason. It isn't ability damage, it's redirected combat damage. Source is unchanged.

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