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Thread: The Rise of the Immortal One

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    The Rise of the Immortal One

    Hey all!

    When Age of Ultron got some cards spoiled there was one card that stood out to me as a fun one to build a team around:

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    So when I got the card(alongside Jocasta SR!) in my GF last Saturday, I immediately wanted to try and build a team around him.
    Today I came up with this. Do mind, I haven't tested this team yet so how well it's working out out there in the field is still unknown to me

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    The idea isn't very complex: basically try to get to Thanos as quick as possible within the various options you got with Stirge and Black Widow. Make them villains with the global on Iron Man and attack unblockable.
    Pepper Potts is there for some energy and has some nice synergy with Iron Man which could potentially be needed to buy but preferably not. Cone of Cold and Invulnerability are to both buff up Thanos.

    Curious what you guys think about the team, any suggestions or changes you would make? Let me know below!

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    Any reason you don't want Iceman TCFW fir his global, making sure you get as many bolts as you could need?

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    I completely forgot about that guy! Might wanna switch him in PXG his slot, as I am not quite sure if the Professor still benefits me as much with the combination of Kobolds and BEG and the idea being making Thanos really cheap. Good point!

    What do you think about the rest of the team?

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    Personally, I'd get rid of Stirge for Iceman. I know Stirge can get through unblocked easily, but with all of you Kobolds and potential sidekicks, just attack with more characters than they have blickers, and turn the ones that are unblocked in to villains. I would probably get rid if Invulnerability even though you can do some god stuff with all the bolts. I'd bring Relentless to keep things from being able to block. I do like that Black Widow though. She had potential to be unblockable, or she's masks to fuel PXG.

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    *edit* nevermind. I didn't look over the team competely :-P

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    That's where the Iron Man global comes into play. Possibly before attack/block damage completes!

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    Get rid of stirge for iceman. Get rid of Invulnerability and put in resurrection because of the Kobolds and gives you a chance to ramp at the start. How bout instead of Pepper Potts you use Black Manta David? Cheap Villain, beefy blocker, a fist and can ping your opponent if he lives through an attack.

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    It was questioned, if the word "Whenever" is the same as from the card BAC - Casualties , where whenever you KO an opposing sidekick you get 1 Life back. WK Ruled the Casualties, that when you KO simultane a bunch of Sidekicks, you would only get 1 Life.

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    Its right here in this thread but looking at the text for Thanos it says ONE of your villains. Damage is simultaneous but the text does read as just one. So multiple villains can attack and they are blocked its valid as combat damage. The same applies for them being blockers.

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    you are going to want dimension door or spiderman webslinger... they make your villains go through. also if you have that sr stirge then i suggest that, if not, then keep that one.

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    elf wizard may be another good one to prep dimension door.

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    You have too many forms of ramp. You don't need Kobolds, PXG, and BEWDG. Pick one or two, and throw in some actual villains. If you pulled the SR Jocasta, use her. She is amazing and would work with this Thanos so well. Heck, I would use her, Cheetah, and the Iron Man to get that Thanos primed by turn 4 or 5...if that?

    The way I see it with your current team, you may get some minor damage through, but by the time you get Thanos, your opponent may have enough to absorb his damage and turn things around.

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    Nothing wrong with a lot of ramp. It helps buy your characters in a faster method. He really doesnt need Kobolds for this team. Cheetah I would consider her a good way to ping the opponent, she's cheap and a fair character. Jocasta You need to build a deck around her. I would rather have the use of Black Manta David's and Cheetahs

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    TBH, I would look at building a Johnny Swarm Team, and put Thanos on it just to have a closer.Johnny is sch a strong companion to swarm and wienie teams that he's hard to pass up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    Whats the code to put up AoU pictures.
    No code yet, those are attached to the post, presumably downloaded from another site.

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    I'm gonna go with the switching out of PXG for Iceman and test the team couple of times, see how I do.

    Cheetah instead of Stirge could be a nice one. Dealing damage anyways even though it's not counted as combat damage. Switching out Stirge makes Relentless a must, switching out Invulnerability kind of makes Iceman less effective though. So I'd rather switch out Cone of Cold, also because I can now go with the route of either unblocked Thanos or Overcrush Thanos due to Relentless.

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    Would it be better to use 6 cost purple worm instead of Thanos? Could get that turn two and probably have 2-3 by the time you would get Thanos to a reasonable price and buy him. Purple worm only has 1 less attack on lvl 1 and 2.

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    This thread isn't about who is a better character and what team will make me win Worlds. It's about playing with Thanos and building a team around HIM. No use talking about Purple Worm, he won't make my Thanos Team better.

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