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Thread: D&D BFF Month 3 OP

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    a little bit bigger pictures please, i cannot read what they can do.

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    Just one. Why can't people take pictures properly? I can't read the text, and therefore, cannot become adequately hyped.

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    Best pic I have. Pulled right off ebay.

    Green Dragon has Breath Weapon 1. Once per turn during your main step you may KO one of your NPCs to give Green Dragon +2A and +?D until end of turn. (I can't make it out, but it has to be +2D, right?)

    Owlbear. Global. Pay . Once per turn, target character gets +?A. (I know, of all things to nt be able to make out, it's the number. I think it's 1.)

    Zombie. If a Zombie is knocked out during combat, and it knocked out the character it was engaged with, return Zombie to the field on its level 1 face.

    Edit: Owlbear sucks. Only way he doesn't is if that turns out to be a +2 instead of a +1. Even then, you're just bringing him fir the global. But I have a feeling it's +1.

    Zombie is cool. Used with the rare Magic Sword or Vulnerability basic action, he could be very a very aggressive cheap character. But by himself, his stats don't lend themselves well to the ability.

    Green Dragon looks awesome. A nice cheap breath weapon that let's you keep opposing sidekicks out if the way. He buffs himself. And provides a free sidekick ko. That could be incredible on a Villainous Retaliation team. Turn the sidekick to s Villain. KO it for free, trigger Retaliation, that buffs the Dragon as well, attack, use Breath Weapon. I want this Green Dragon for that team.

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    If those are the exact effect, then there isn't too much to see here lol. The green dragon could be useful with stuff like hulk out around though.

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    That zombie plus mystic box or Gamora global... Depending on the ruling of "it knocked out".

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    I find people complaining about pictures on eBay to be Hilarious. And I say that because as I order them for the Vassal Module, life would be simpler if people could take good Pictures. Also Trinity War Month 4 OP is also on eBay. Pictures are not any better.

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