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Thread: Am I Playing Overcrush Correctly

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    Am I Playing Overcrush Correctly

    Say I have

    at level 3 and give it overcrush with Hulk Out.

    And, say a Sidekick blocks.

    My Goblin Attack Force is KOed because the sidekick deals 1 damage to its 1 defense. With Overcrush, will the Goblin Strike Force still deal 6 damage to my opponent? Or does KOing the attacker cancel any overcrush damage?

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    Any damage you are dealing over the account blocked goes to the opponent with Overcrush. As long as the blocker is knocked out or otherwise removed.
    So, if a sidekick blocked the level 3 side and you had Overcrush the opponent would take 6 damage.

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    That's what I thought and that's how I've played it, but I start second guessing myself.

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