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Thread: Ultron Drone Globals

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    Ultron Drone Globals

    Is there a functional difference between the globals on the Ultron Drone?

    01000100 01101001 01100101 reads:
    "Global: Pay to force an opposing character to block a character of your choice this turn."

    1 of a Million and Swarm of Destruction reads:
    "Global: Pay . Choose an opposing character die to block a character die of your choice this turn."

    I'm thinking it is just a syntax difference, but I was hoping to get some other input.

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    I would assume when it says character it means every character of the same name to block whatever. When it comes to 1 of a Million its just individual die considering that the Ultron drone does damage based on the fielding cost.

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    I think they are the same, just worded differently.

    They're slowly clarifying wording like this, and I guess they just missed the global on Binary for some reason.

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    these cards will become rarities, in germany they are starting soon to printing AOU in german language and the corrected versions.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    I should state that this was not intended to be a criticism. I sincerely wondered if each Global produced a different effect.

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