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    Well first off I notice you using Anger Issues but lack of Kobolds. Kobolds help with the Anger Issues Global. Also I see the Mr:Fantastic and I already dont like it. Are you using his Global to make people attack you? Or just for solid defense? The Nick Fury Patch is good with Wasp But Ill also need to add the new ruling to Wasp uncommon. You need to use separate Globals to pump her up. To get her the +1 you use a separate global instead of just using one Global every time.
    Ever thought of using the uncommon SHIELD Carrier? Or using Morphing Jars for your PXG/Relentless. Even the new Black Widow Natasha is good for her masks and her effect. You can use Hulk - Green Goliath, Anger Issues. Or even the new Hulk - Bruce Banner considering you're using a good number of Avengers. Pump him up with Anger Issues.

    Also if you plan on using life gain, just go with the rare Captain Marvel. She gains life gain regardless through combat damage and she is Beefy. Packs a punch.

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    We have been playing with the rules clarification. Anger issues has been nice with a double dip on one wasp but a different basic action global would be better I think. The uncommon shield carrier is a nice idea. The Mr Fantasic has been an answer for our local kobold swarm decks. Black Widow is a nice idea too. I started with Captian Marvel switched to the one that levels up dice with giant man.
    I love the suggestions thank you very much for the information.

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