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Thread: Firestorm - Matter Master

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    Firestorm - Matter Master

    I haven't been keeping up with the tournament scene of late but has this card made waves at all?
    Was playing last night with the card for the first time and it was pretty decent...relatively cheap and does a good job of changing the opponent's attack plans

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    (Please be advised my opinion of the power level of this card is my own and in no way reflects the opinions of those who are good at this game and know what they are talking about)

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    Its an alright card. Not the best. It is removal but you dont get to decide who besides blocking.But the one to make waves is Jason and Ronnie. Its the new version of Human Torch.

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    If you like Matter Master, check out Jocasta patterned after Janet. If you can find a reason to use Firestorm over Jocasta, then you can call him good.

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    I can see a reason to use Matter Master and Patterned After Janet...

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    For me, probably cost would be a factor!

    Also I have Matter Master and haven't got the AoU set yet :-(

    I wasn't trying to say "this is the best 4 cost card period", just that I hadn't seen much talk about it on the site. Granted there may be better alternatives but I imagine some people (like myself) either don't own all the chase rares/super rares or want to try some cards that haven't been played as much.

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