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Thread: 8/3/15 - The Destination in Louisville, KY - Official "Unofficial" AoU Draft

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    8/3/15 - The Destination in Louisville, KY - Official "Unofficial" AoU Draft

    Our burgeoning local Dice Masters group, Derby City Dice Masters, has been holding Monday Afternoon Dice Masters casual play events. This Monday, we are having the Official "Unofficial" Age of Ultron Draft at The Destination in Louisville, KY.

    The cost will be the cost of packs + 1 (for prizes). We are hoping to draft 12 packs each, however if we get enough people to draft only 10 packs... that's ok too. The owner of the store has graciously agreed to set one booster box aside for us to take first crack at.


    That's the link for the event on the Facebook. The Facebook - Good for Gaming Geeks and Grandparents. That's their new slogan, because they obviously need help advertising their product.

    The event starts at 12:30 PM. If you are in the area, stop on by.

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    Quick note: due to shipping issues, the store is not going to have booster packs. The owner has allowed us, however, to turn this into a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boosters) event. So, if you plan on attending, please bring 13 booster packs of Age of Ultron to the event.

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