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Thread: CrushFist - Team - Tuning and Alternatives

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    CrushFist - Team - Tuning and Alternatives

    Slot 1. Win

    Slot 2. Mechanic
    / Ultron Drone Rare /

    Slot 3. Ramp

    Slot 4. Damage Character :Slot 5. Bruiser in Addition to Obelisk
    Giant Man / :

    Slot 6. Small Defense / Manipulation
    / / /

    Slot 7.

    Slot 8. Hard Removal / Field Smash
    / /

    BAC Slot 1[Locked]
    Distraction: Basic Action Card

    BAC Slot 2
    Overcrush+Damage or Supportive Spell for fast fielding&LvLs

    Note: Shoutouts and big THANKS to this COLON Code!!!!
    I really like that i can place my cards here and see what options i have beside them.
    Sure i can do it at home on my table too. But then i have to place put everything everytime together.

    Are there some flaws? ALso i am not sure which cards i should take and in which combination, except the WonderWoman + Villain Global Ring
    to replace the Goblin or Ultron Drone

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    Perhaps Cone of Cold instead of Anger Issues?

    Also, Kobolds work great for teams that want lots of fists.

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    Yes i thought so too(i didnt forget Cone Cold ), sorry Shadowmeld^^ that i didnt waited for your Answer in PM, but i had too go away from the PC , fearing to forgot the text for the thread.

    I also was thinking maybe instead of the Lantern Ring, i could take Iron Man with Shield as global, otherwise i would spent 2 Masks just for Villain and Distraction to make it happen and sometimes that can be hard.

    I like the Idea of Wonderwoman forces the Enemy in the Attack step and if he spent his Energy instead taking something like Magic Missile to.

    At my Local Meta right now they discovered that Magic Missile is not needed, instead they use Human Torch or Silver Surver Global as a trigger for Hulk. Because in this Team i have nothing to trigger and can only hope for the enemy to bring me something.

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    Leave out Hulk, you already have Obelisk and Gai for your Win conditions. Also, you have nothing to ping him.

    I also agree on Cone of Cold and distraction is great for Obelisk, Gai and Deadpool and Angel. You force them to block, you distract out before your character might have the possibility of being KO'ed and you proc the requirements. Same for Deadpool, choose who to block and distract out before he's killed then knock out whoever at the end of the turn. Storm is better off with Blue Eye's because she has a fielding effect. I think drones are better for blocker manipulation. Polymorph is great to get your big characters in quick, also to get Obelisk/Gai up to their highest level.

    Constantine Hellblazer is your better for choice for Defense along with Distraction.

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    I know but it is impossible to draw him ;__; from a booster i think.

    Well but Storm - Goddess of the Plains is for attack, she could use Distraction, but still i like a 100% more then her and in the worst case i give my enemy much dice and for me an open field for just 1 or 2 dice to attack and not kill him and he could become lethal.

    But which Drone would be the best? The Rare can become in handy in late game too, just to be KOd maybe and take away a Hulk or something else to finish my enemy. The Uncommon is also good. I just hope to get my Kobold someday.... .

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    For drones, your better bet is the uncommon. He captures enemies and does damage based on the fielding cost. The globals are the same. Kobolds and Drones are best friends. Kobolds provide fist energy and drones capture causing direct damage.

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    So for testing with Prof X i could get him at Turn 3(need 3 mask to circle the SDKs) and field him at Turn 4 , but should i get him so early? I mean what if i need a Deadpool for Removal? I think i lack somehow the right buy strategy for the beginning in the first 2 turns(without Kobolds).
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    Ultron Drone Rare

    + Hellblazer+ Storm-Weather Witch

    Turn 1: Buy 1-2 Kobolds & Beast
    Turn 2: Buy 1 Kobold & Drone or Storm or 2 Kobolds & Beast , maybe field a Sidekick & safe a mask for Distraction if needed
    Turn 3: Field Kobold & Beast, 1 Mask for Distraction
    Turn 4: Profit?

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    I would rather go with Resurrection and Distraction. Also, I would go with Blue Eyes if you're going with a Rush deck. Obelisk is a 7 cost and I did play test. Way easier with Blue Eyes.

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    well yes i tested some times and everytime i want a Kobold on Turn 2 or Turn 3 100% and it is not so safe without a second ramp.

    Well BEWD would be nice, he would open so much different options like Sangan as or the Rare Ultron Drone.

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    Here is my list that used Obelisk (this was before AoU)

    Basic Action Card - PolymorphBFF
    Basic Action Card - Anger IssuesJL
    4 x Kobold - Greater HumanoidBFF
    4 x Morphing Jar - Canopic JarS1
    4 x Black Widow - TsarinaAvX
    1 x Goblin Attack Force - Goblin SquadS1
    1 x Professor X - TrainerUXM
    4 x Jinzo - Trap DestroyerS1
    1 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous DragonS1
    1 x Obelisk the Tormentor - Fist of FateS1

    Turn 3-4 Jinzo really cramps people's style and allows time for the obelisk knock out punch

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    So tried some run against some teams, and when i raised lets say the mindlevel,somone who runs Mystic Box would ruin his Ramp with PXG but prevent happening something with Obelisk, Jack or Gaia.

    And Mathematical the Result is i pay 2 Fists for 1 Mask to prevent his Characters from blocking. Sure thing if i would run more then Obelisk knowing this, i would bring my enemy to a Deadlock, where he at least takes some damage. But i still wasted 2-4 fist energy.

    Goblin Attack Force on the otherside gives me the opporturnity to play ping pong energy with him, wasting his possibilities until he is in a deadlock and me having some fist or ? Energy left for something else like buying or safing up for enemies turn.

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    Is this team good to go? It has 2 different ways to go, Obelisk and Gaias or just Gaia and more control if it takes a little bit longer.

    I would change to Storm - Weather Witch & Umber Hulk instead of Storm Goddes and Spider-Man Tiger if i would know my opponent likes to play more with big Sidekick Team and action dice.
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    I am not satisfied with the results i got yesterday. I had my spot removal and even so my Storm for some surprises but i lacked cheap characters. Yeah Kobolds but somehow i had no answer for a Gobby with 4 Damage per Turn. I won to the fact that i rolled everyturn all of my dice and got out all my Bruisers and lethal after turn 6. But i was crippled to 5 Life.

    So i make a guess and i hope someone can say if it is correct or total rubbish.:

    I guess i have to step away Prof X. and put in a good 2 Cost Character?
    My mind is flowing over Constantine Hellblazer(if i would had him) or BLack Manta David.

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    Yes he makes the most sense.
    I dont like to play an Cap. Am. from AOU or a Wonder Woman to prevent such effects, i want a tool to be creative with for different situations.
    Maybe i will change even Gaia at some point for a 4 or 3 Cost ,if i find a character that is threatening and is a good combo with the others.

    But sadly i dont own Hellblazer so i must see for some different solution.

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    I think I would drop PXG and add something else that can help you. Why help your opponent ramp if you are swarming?

    Let them bring the PXG.

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    I honestly rather have this guy over Obelisk

    He has overcrush. Can spot remove a character and do damage based on their level. And since you're using Kobolds you can pump him up with Anger Issues. And if you have Spiderman and distraction, why not this version? Force everyone to block him and let one of your big guys through.

    And I rather have over storm. Big character goes through and they cant distract him back because he's out on the field.

    Only thing that would suck is the Paladins Global but its combat damage still. Can hit for 9 damage in one turn setting up the combo.

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    Paladin is the last thing you want on a team with Obelisk as the Paladins global nerfs obelisks ability to the point of just taking a normal big hitter. If you can get obelisk with Overcrush (anger issues for plus 3A is my preferred version) into a one on one with a sidekick you are doing 19-23 damage in one hit.

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    I see! Purple worm is good but obelisk is far nastier, attack force block then distract for full damage through rinse and repeat or the Overcrush one big hit. Whereas purple worm is doing similar but with a damage cap of 3 (highest fielding cost possible) but potentially 0 if opponent has only scrubs.

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    It removes characters though. Id honestly have more fun with Worm (if I can ****ing roll it for once. Bastard never wants to play. Ive bought 2 worms in one game and never rolled them). I use Cone of Cold with him. And Gai on the side with Hulk out.
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    Oh I feel you there I am convinced dice hate me. I wouldn't be so concerned with character removal especially if like Ressless you have deadpool and Ultron drone backing you up. I used polymorph as one of my actions in my version of this as it acts as a form of removal and a way of getting your buys on the field quick, I did toy with Distraction but it's just a little to abusable by my opponent for my liking.

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