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Thread: Just put together an AoU Patch Avengers team. Thoughts?

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    Just put together an AoU Patch Avengers team. Thoughts?

    So I recently was able to get a hold of Nick Fury - Patch and have been thinking of how I wanted to use him. With AoU out now, I decided that rather than go with a combo type team where I would win in one hit or so I wanted to utilize some of the new avengers cards and go for more of a weenie/rush team.

    Here is what I have at the moment.;1277-3;





    Hulk - Green Goliath x1

    Ant-Man - Biophysicist x4

    Spider-Man - Webslinger x1

    Hawkeye - Longbow x3

    Nick Fury - Patch x2

    Wasp - Founding Avenger x3

    Pepper Potts - CEO of Stark Industries x2

    Black Widow - Natasha x4

    The idea here is to get Black Widow and Nick Fury out quickly and use Black Widow's ability to attack unblocked as much as possible and pump her with Invulnerability when I can. Pepper Pots is cheap energy for this with a complimentary ability to Black Widow. Hulk is kind of a just in case card and Spider-man is an alternate option to make my Avengers unblockable. Wasp is it trigger Hulk if need be, or ping my opponent when I have extra energy (her ability is also awesome if I end up needing it). Hawkeye is there to help clear the field and Antman is just a cheap dude with high attack. Obviously the SR Black Widow would put some gas in this team but I don't have it and wanted to experiment with more of the AoU cards anyway. I was wondering if Hawkeye - Clint might be a better option to Longbow, but I will have to test it I think. Any thoughts?

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    and Black Widow - Natasha + Antman. Ping Hulk and use Nick Fury Patch to attack.

    Anger Issues could help too. Or just use Hulk out.

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