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Thread: Giant Purple Behemoth

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    Giant Purple Behemoth

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    Someone in the thread wanted to created a Super Rare Thanos team, someone mentioned Purple Worm and low and behold I went ahead and created a Purple Worm team. Iv'e wanted to created one, just never had the.....motivation for it. Took most of the day thinking about it.

    Pretty standard. Its an overcrush team. I thought of using Anger Issues but its not really needed when I can just force someone to block. Hulk out is just in case my character is knocked out I can at least pump them up with cone of cold and the overcrush makes it a for sure way to get damage in.

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    I would almost suggest with the amount of KO you are doing - Drop the Fierce Knight and Constantine for a Ultron - New World Order and Gelatinous Cube - Lesser Ooze

    Then use a shield each time you knock out an enemy to capture it with the Ooze and do 3 points of Direct damage

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    That gives up 2 card slots and with Gai its not a big possibility to get that damage with Gai. His defensive stats arent great. That's why Im using Hulk out. Even if he is KO'ed, he still gets that damage off because of overcrush and I pump him up with Cone of Cold.I would rather use Drones and Ultron to ensure I get damage off.

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    You dont need to block with the cube, you can just sit back and pay a shield ... it is when ever a character is knocked out

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    and the cube sits there. I only do damage the first time I capture something.

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    O.k - Let me put it to you this way .... Your oppenant swings with Capt America - Natural leader (5/5) You block with your Purple worm, pay a shield and now on their turn you just dealt 3 damage using Ultron

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    Im paying for a 7 cost and a 6 plus 3 for a a simple 3 damage? Im giving up 2 slots for small damage. Where I can do massive damage with just Gai and Purple Worm attacking.

    If Ultron is out I might as well just use drones.

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    You know what would work well in this team?

    Thanos Super Rare.

    Give the Drone Overcrush with Hulk Out and you'll soon have that cost down...

    Hey! Why is everyone throwing stuff at me?!


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    I think the point VastSpartan is trying to make is that while it is only 3 damage from the capture, it's 3 damage to your opponent on your opponent's turn. It is a good tactic, but maybe it doesn't work with what you have in mind here.

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    Ive thoughtbof that combo once (ultron plus cube) but its just not worth fretting over. Might as well use drones plus ultron for the capture method. You can rack up damage capturing multiple characters. Also, Purple worm needs to attack to knock out whatever, then you can capture.
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