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Thread: How to get sidekicks out quickly?

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    How to get sidekicks out quickly?

    i here all the flying sidekick teams and Gobby etc, and was wondering what some good cards/ ways to ensure sidekicks are getting fielded.

    Also would rally OP action but them in play on their sidekick facing?

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    As the text reads for rally "Move up to 2 Sidekicks from your used pile to the field. Burst is 3 sidekicks"

    You can use Angel to ensure side kicks.

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    Yes, Rally fields them on their character face.

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    Dude, Blue Eyes White Dragon Just KO Angel over and over.
    Ebay has Rally for around 5 to 4 dollars.

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    A easier alternative is the Rare Maria Hill Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	2637 and Angel. Just re-roll Angel every turn with her to snag sidekicks from the used pile..

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